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Some links

Great post from Nils Herzing on visiting Monish Pabrai’s Investor day. Monish seems to like Fiat a lot.

Barry Ritholz interviews Jason Zweig (WSJ)

A very good post on why and how to adjust EM company valuations for foreign currency borrowing plus thoughts on Chinese Banks

Check out this Japan focused value investing blog with some very high quality content: Undervaluedjapan

MUST READ: Fascinating article on how Berkshire closed the Precision Castparts deal (hint: initiative seemed to have come from Todd) (h/t valueinvestingworld)

MUST READ: Latest Memo of Oaktree’s Howard Marks called “It’s not easy”

Some links

A TED interview with HF legend Jim Simons

James Tisch (Loews) on value investing in cyclical industries

Geoff Gannon with a kind of rebuttal of my “Cheap for a reason” post

The Brooklyn Investor likes Charles Schwab

A good write-up on Interactive Brokers. I you compare that with Schwab, IBKR seems to have significant competitive advantages

Highly recommended: A great post why writing down one’s thoughts (“Journaling”) is a fantastic decision-making tool

Some links

Rob from RV capital has released his semi-annual investor report with some very good insights (registration required)

A very interesting “idea watchlist” from ClarkStreetValue

Whenever markets go down, Jim Chanos gets more airtime. Discusses China, EM, Solary City, HP and others.

Another half year report, this time from Zeke Ashton’s Centaur Total return fund

Damodaran vs. China

The ViennaCapitalist has an interesting perspective on commodity traders (Glencore)

Some links

A retired HF guy is shorting Canadian housing

A critical look at “Black Box” quantitative Trading strategies. Hint: they all blow up.

Not every spin-off works out. As a reminder, a list of 25 really bad spin off cases

Greenbackd with an analysis of a deep value stock, watch maker Movado

Good write up on South African furniture retailer Lewis Group from the Bovinebear blog

Ever heard of an “Outsiders” like oil & gas explorer ? Canadian Peyto seems to fit the bill here (H/T valueinvestingworld)

The Brooklyn investor with a look at Mondelez and Bill Ackman

Some links

FT Alphaville looks at the strange accounts of Wirecard (Part 1, Part 2)

Uk Value Investor runs Stagecoach through his check list

Woodford funds on share buy backs

Presentation on SeaWorld, a potentially good company with temporary (?) problems ?

Another HF presentation on Cimpress NV

Malcolm Gladwell on big data and why it might be mostly a big hype

A very funny and helpful Youtube video on what not to do with Power Point…

Golf as a business has come under pressure

Some links

Ben from Wertart has collected an interesting portfolio so far

Great post from Punchcard Blog on Discovery Communication and the Future of pay TV

David Einhorn had better quarters than Q2 2015

The guy who runs Google’s driverless car project with an interesting TED talk

Nate from Oddball wisely prefers neglected stocks vs. distressed ones

Frenzel & Herzing with a post on their favourite stock Vitec Software Group AB

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