Was wir lesen – Rückspiegel KW13

Discover Capital mit Ihren “Squad Value und Sqad Growth Fonds“. Wirklich hervorragende Investoren – leider wg. Softclosing geschlossen.

Netflix: Kursziel Dausend!

Book Review: The Four Cornerstones of Corporate Finance

Crossing Wallstreet: Wirklich interessante Gedanken zu den Treibern des Goldpreises:

Bronte Capital: Zum vermeintlichen Fraud bei China Media Express.

CNBC – Überblick über Reverse China Mergers

Bronte Capital: Zur Due Dilligence bei Hedgefonds

Accounting for Value (Columbia Business School Publishing): Wird bestellt 😉

Shareholder Letter: Raymond James: Be Conservative not Conventional.
Schönes Zitat direkt am Anfang:

“Here’s the paradox: the odds are overwhelming I will end up richer by aiming for a good return rather than a brilliant return – and sleep better en route. Folks who seek a killing usually get killed. Gunslingers get shot, and often in the foot, with their own guns. While there is always some guy around on a red-hot streak, his main function is to tempt the rest of us into becoming fools and paupers.

Der als Nachfolger von Buffett gehandelte David Sokol verlässt Berkshire Hathaway.

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