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Argentina has raised interest rates to 40%

Venture funds are getting bigger and fee levels are falling

24 rules to succeed in life by Richard Jenrette (The “j” from DLJ)

John Huber thinks large Tech companies are attarctive right now  (Tencnet)

However published free cash flows for Big Tech should be taken with a few grains of salt

Elliott’s presentation on how to “accelerate Hyundai”

Enron’s Ex CFO is now offering anti-fraud training

Saga PLC (ISIN GB00BLT1Y088) – High Quality Travel / Insurance Hybrid ?

The company:

Saga Plc is a UK company that combines two business that I have looked at quite often: Insurance and Travel.

Saga has its origin as a Seaside Hotel in England and then became a travel company before then moving into insurance in the 1980s. Saga caters specifically for the “over 50” market and claims to be the “leading provider” to people over 50 in the uK.

After a PE financed management buyout in 2007, he company was IPOed in May 2014 at a price of 185 pence / share.

Looking at the stock chart, IPO investors at first saw a decent outperformance before things went south this year:

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