Magic Sixes – “New entries”

    At the moment. there are some interesting “new entries” in my Europe based “Magic Sixes” Screen.
    New entries (non financials) at which I will have a look in the next days are:

    ESSO S.A.F (French Exxon subsidiary)
    Stora Enso (another paper company)
    Deutsche Lufthansa– CSP International (Italian underwear, firewall blocks website ;-))
    Screen Service (Italian manufactorer of television broadcasting equipment)
    Isagro SpA (Italian producer of herbicides)
    Mondadori (Italian publisher, majority owned by Berlusconi)

    It looks like an interesting time for contrarian investors…..

    Additionally i run a “magic sixes light screen” with slightly relaxed rulse (P/b 0.7, P/E 7, Div. yield 5%)

    Some interesting companies there:

    ICT Automatisering (Durch softwar company)
    Huntsworth PLC (UK PR company)
    BWG Homes (norwegian residentail house builder)

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