Recommended Reading

Value Investing

Bruce Greenwald – Value Investing from Graham to Buffet and beyound

Pat Dorsey – The little book that builds wealth

There is always something to do – The Peter Cundill Investment Approach

Philipp A.Fisher – Common Stocks and uncommon profits

Joel Greenblatt – You can be a stock market genius

Howard Marks – The most important thing

Seth Klarman – Margin of Safety

Benjamin Graham – The intelligent investor

Benjamin Graham – Security Analysis
The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Investors and Managers

Peter D. Kaufmann – “Poor Charlie’s Almanach”

Janet Lowe – “Damn Right: Behind the scenes with Berkshire Hathaway Billionaire Charlie Munger”

Mark Mobius – “The little book of Emerging Markets”

Monish Pabray – “The Dhando Investor”

Edward Chancelor – “Capital Returns (Marathon Asset Mgt.)”

Lawrence Cunningham “Quality Investing (AKO Capital)

Richard Oldfield “Simple but not easy”

Fundamental analysis

Howard M. Schilit – Financial Shenanigans

David Einhorn – Fooling some people all the time

Kathrin F. Staley – The art of short selling

Amit Kumar – “Short stories from the Stock Market”

Finance History

Lords of Finance

Edwin Lefevre – Reminisicences of a stock operator

Frank Partnoy – The Match King

Bernard Baruch – My own story

Peter Bernstein – Against the Gods

Niall Ferguson – The ascent of money

Jr. Renehan, Edward J. – Jay Gould – Dark Genius of Wallstreet

Joe Nocera – “A piece of the Action”

Scandals & Crisis

Michael Lewis -The big short

Michael Lewis “Flash Boys”

Reinhart & Rogoff – This time It’s different

Mike Dash – Tuliopmania

Edward Chancellor – Devil take the hindmost

Mark Singer – “Funny Money” (Oil & bank crash 1980ties)

Simon Lack – “The Hedge Fund Mirage”

Nassim Taleb – “Antifragile”

Business & biographies

Ed Thorpe – A Man for all Markets

Clayton M. Christensen – The innovator’s dilemma

Jim Collins – “Built to last”

William M. Thorndike – “The outsiders”

Alfred P. Sloan – “My years with General Motors”

Louis V. Gerstner – “Who says Elephant can’t dance ?”

Les Schwab – “Pride in perfomance – Keep it going”

Marc Robichaux – “Cable cowboy – John Malone and the riso of modern Cable Business”

Andy Grove – “Only the Paranoid survive”

Christiane Correa – “Dream Big – The 3G story”

Ashlee Vance – “Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the quest for a fantastic future”

Matt McCleery – “The shipping man”

Jürg Wegelin – “Mr. Swatch – Nicholas Hayek and the secret of his success”

Tim Clissold “Mr. China” and “Chinese Rules”

Carey/Morris – “King of Capital (Blackstone, Steve Schwarzman)”

Alan Wurtzel – “Good to Great to Gone: The 60 year rise and fall of Circuit City”.

Gregory Zuckerman – “The Frackers”

Venture Capital

Jason Calacanis – “Angel – How to invest in technology startups”

Brad Feld, Jason Mandelson – “Venture Deals”


Ben Horowitz – “The hard thing about hard things”

Jim Collins – “Great by choice”

Eric Ries – “The lean startup”


John Rolfe – Monkey Business: Swinging Through the Wall Street Jungle

Geraint Anderson – Cityboy: Beer and Loathing in the Square Mile

Levitt/Dubner – “Think like a Freak”


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