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All German shares part 8 (Nr. 76-100)

As I am making good progress, I included this time 25 stocks. The first 100 are done, another 700 or so to go ­čśë

Nr. 76: Uniwheels AG – ISIN DE000A13STW4

Uniwheels is a 800 mn EUR market cap car supplier. Interestingly the German company floated its shares in Poland in 2015.┬áTheir main products are┬á aluminium rims / wheels for cars.┬á In 2017, the founders of Uniwheels sold their majority to US based Superior. Maybe a squeeze out opportunity, but I know little on how this works in Poland.┬á“Pass”

Nr 77: Foris AG

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Uber – Business model and “sum of parts” valuation attempt

Health and safety warning: This is not investment advice. Please do your own research !!!!!

Following my book review of “Super Pumped” a few days ago I felt motivated (or “pumped up”) to look a little bit into Uber as a stock.

Uber is interesting in my opinion for a couple of reasons:

  • They really disrupted the taxi market with their app and even managed to create a new verb “Ubering”.
  • They managed to earn a dominent market share in many countries in a short time
  • In the markets where they failed, they ended up with significant stakes in the leading players (Chine/Didi. Russia/Yandex, SE Asia Grab)
  • The stock is extremely controversial
  • the lock-up for old investors has just expired
  • the stock price has been tanking for some time now
  • the company is not easy to understand

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