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All German Shares – Part 9 (Nr. 101-125)

And another 25 stock batch with some very interesting companies. At some point in time I will release a table with all the stocks and a link to the respective posts.

Nr. 101: Baumot Group AG

36 mn market cap company that calls itself the “clean air” company. According to the company huge potential if hardware exhaust filtering for problematic Diesel cars would kick in which the company is manufacturing. However, currently the company is in deep trouble, sales tanking and huge losses. Several capital increases and debt equity swap. “pass”.

Nr. 102: BHS Tabletop AG – ISIN: DE0006102007

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And a (justified) comment from Alpha Vulture on Damodaran’s treatment of “truncation risk”.

Seth Godin on the “Google Tax”

A critical view on Alibaba’s accounting

Book review: “The Man who solved the Market” – Greg Zuckerman


This is another book that I have been waiting for to read for some time. Jim Simons is maybe not a household name in investing, but his Renaissance Technology fund (Rentech) has clearly on of the best track record of any investment vehicle in recorded history. However, other than some other famous investors, Rentech was (and still is) so secretive that hardly anyone had a clue how he/they did it.

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An interesting article on holding stocks for too long

All German shares part 8 (Nr. 76-100)

As I am making good progress, I included this time 25 stocks. The first 100 are done, another 700 or so to go ­čśë

Nr. 76: Uniwheels AG – ISIN DE000A13STW4

Uniwheels is a 800 mn EUR market cap car supplier. Interestingly the German company floated its shares in Poland in 2015.┬áTheir main products are┬á aluminium rims / wheels for cars.┬á In 2017, the founders of Uniwheels sold their majority to US based Superior. Maybe a squeeze out opportunity, but I know little on how this works in Poland.┬á“Pass”

Nr 77: Foris AG

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Uber – Business model and “sum of parts” valuation attempt

Health and safety warning: This is not investment advice. Please do your own research !!!!!

Following my book review of “Super Pumped” a few days ago I felt motivated (or “pumped up”) to look a little bit into Uber as a stock.

Uber is interesting in my opinion for a couple of reasons:

  • They really disrupted the taxi market with their app and even managed to create a new verb “Ubering”.
  • They managed to earn a dominent market share in many countries in a short time
  • In the markets where they failed, they ended up with significant stakes in the leading players (Chine/Didi. Russia/Yandex, SE Asia Grab)
  • The stock is extremely controversial
  • the lock-up for old investors has just expired
  • the stock price has been tanking for some time now
  • the company is not easy to understand

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