Some links

Valuesque with a great post on extremely creative accounting at Grifols

A great collection of (less frequent) news sources for investors

UndervaluedShares on J.G. Boswell, a little known OTC listed company holding a lot of land (and water rights) in California

Good advice: Forget about stock market Calendar anomalies

The yetanothervalueblog with an October update (very comprehensive…)

Great post on what makes Costco such an unique company

Investors experience burn out, too





One comment

  • Hi, im from Germany and never Been to a Costco… by what I read costco sounds like ALDI to me – exept for the customer Card.
    Do people WHO been to both Shops Souls still buy a customer Card and Shop at Costco…
    Or will Aldi crush Them Like Tesco?

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