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Notes from the Daily Journal annual shareholder meeting (Charlie Munger)

Driverless cars might not be a safe as their main promoters often claim

A great and comprehensive list of essential readings to understand Crypto & Blockchain

Highly recommended: The 2017 Broyhilll Book club list

Some deep thoughts about what to do in a stock market correction (Spoiler: Nothing)

The UK value investor has a good post on how and when to let winning stocks run

Two of my favorite writers having a conversation: Matt Levine and Tyler Cowen

Some links

Low risk banks seem to be relatively better investments than their risky peers

Is chip maker AMD a potential “Proxy short” for Crypto currencies (Ethereum) ?

Polleit & Riechert 2017 letter

Bronte doesn’t like potential short selling disclosure rules (for good reason)

Ben from WertArt invested into Geospace Technologies

Very interesting htought: Could Expedia & Priceline become Hotel brands ?

The UK Value Investor explores if Interserve and 4GS could be the “next Carillion”




Book review: “Machine, Platform, Crowd – Harnessing our Digital Future”


“Machine, Platform Crowd” tries to summarize what in the author’s view are the currently most important changes that will impact both, individuals and companies going forward:They call it the “Triple Revolution” consisting of:

  1. The emergence of machines (Robots, AI)
  2. The evolution from Products to Platforms
  3. The increasing importance of the Crowd vs. the “core”

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