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Richard Branson’s must read book list (70 books) (h/t valueinvestingworld)

For fans of Contingent Value Rights (CVR), Innocoll might be worth a look

How PE funds “pump up” their returns. Howard Marks with more thoughts about the use of these “subscription lines” in PE funds.

Facebook behaves like an old school monopoly

A detailed analysis of H&M the Swedish clothing retailer

Why price setting at online retailers these days is similar to High Frequency Trading


Some links

Don’t miss: Jeff Bezos’ 2016 letter to Amazon share holders

A great collection of business/investing book reviews from Abnormal Returns

An interesting write up on German “Amazon for animal feed” company Zooplus

Good idea: Write down everything what you have learned about investing in simple sentences

A good collection of articles about Blockchain technology

On the virtues of writing for investors



Some links

Intelligent thoughts on second and third order effects of electrical / fully autonomous cars. However with regard to car insurance it seems there are some unexpected side effetcs of this trend.

The Brooklyn investor has a look at the Jamie Dimons letter to JPM shareholders

Horzon Kinetics with some interesting observation on Index ETFs

Alpha Vulture on Italien Real Estate Funds. By coincidence also Ben from Wertart covers two of those vehicles in more detail.

Why Softbank bought Fortress (with a lot of stuff about “alternative” asset managers)

A pretty wide and deep view on what matters with regard to Brexit

Book review: “A Blueprint for Better Banking: Svenska Handelsbanken and a proven model for post-crash banking “


The author of the book is Nils Kröner, a German who among others worked as consultant at McKinsey, at Barclays and for AKO capital before he became professor.

The book has been written following the big financial crisis and starts with a review about what went wrong in general.

Then he introduces the “7 deadly sins of banking” that contributed in his opinion to the banking crisis which are:

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