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TGV Truffle had a great year, annual letter to be found here (Zooplus, Aareal, Talgo)

TGV Rubicon annual letter 2021 (Aumann, Hostelworld, Ceconomy)

Good write-up on French “Hidden Champion” Pharmagest Interactive

Interestingly, Norway has become the forerunner for heat pumps

An in-depth look into the Activision-Blizzard acquisition by Microsoft

Some deep thoughts about long term implications of company capital allocation for investors

Scott Galloway with an interesting perspective on the Elisabeth Holmes/Theranos trial

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MSA Capital 2021 annual letter (Sytem1, ABF)

Interesting 2021 Letter from a fund I didn’t know: Curreen Capital

2021 Shareholder letter from newly founded REQ Capital (Constellation Software)

Fundsmith 2021 letter to shareholders (Unilever)

Lou Simpson, the legendary CIO of GEICO passed away last week

A great in-depth look into the Beanie Baby Bubble in the late 90s

Joachim Klement with interesting stats on National differences in productivity

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Interesting long read about Matt Mullenweg who wants to create the “Berkshire of the Internet”.

Deep dive into soon to be listed PE stalwart TPG from Marc Rubinstein

Some insights into what you actually get when you buy an NFT (hint: It’s not even the pixels…)

Great Morgan Housel post on the power of stories and irrational actors

A good reminder from Morningstar, how awful SPAC deals are for “non-promoters”…

After a few decades of deflation, Japan looks cheap from a currency perspective

The Alpha Vulture blogs celebrates 10 years and an incredible track record of 30% p.a.

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Always worth a read: Saxobank’s ten outrageous 2022 predictions

Eddy Elfebein’s 2022 buy list is out

Interesting Tweetstorm from Vitalik Buterin on many aspects of Crypto

Highly recommended: An interesting and comprehensive 2021 review from Searching4value

A collection of 21 things that got better in 2021

Maynard Peyton’s 2021 review is worth reading (UK small cap focus)

Clark Street Value had an impressive 2021

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The best definition/explanation of Bitcoin I have read so far (Spoiler: Bitcoin is Art)

Tyler Cowen on Magnus Carlsen and the future of Chess 

Highly recommended: Very insightful analysis why Casper (Online Mattresses) didn’t make it as a public company

A nice pitch for Nintendo as an investment

Nice review of “The Delusions of Crowds”, a new book by William Bernstein

Monevator on the end of P2P Lending (in the UK)

A very critical but equally fascinating interview with one of the Cofounders of the ConstitutionDAO


Some links

Greenwood Q3 letter on short selling and owner-operated companies

An interesting intro into the fertilizer market including investment opportunities

The 5 favorite books that Bill Gates read in 2021

Annual portfolio update of Bull, Bear & Value including a few interesting Israelian stocks

Great deep dive into payment company Adyen

Q3 letter of Hayden Capital with interesting thoughts on “next Gen” consumer behaviour

WaPo article on how chess is evolving into an E-sports discipline (unfortunately no mentioning of Play Magnus)

Book review: “Billion Dollar Whale”

Update: Unfortunately the first version of this post contained (too) many spelling errors. I released it too early and somehow spellchecking does not work within the WordPress editor. Apologies.


In my opinion, any investor can learn a lot about any book about financial scandals. Maybe even more compared to most “how to invest” books.

“Billion Dollar Whale” is no exception. This book tells the story of a young Malaysian guy called Jho Low who managed to steal around 5 bn USD from the Malaysian Sovereign Wealth Fund 1MDB.

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Some links

Ever wondered why Netflix streams better then others on your Device ? OpenConnect may be the answer.

Short writeup on the GoreStreet Energy Storage Fund

A very good artice on how the current “meme markets” are functioning

Swen Lorenz likes Petershill partners, the IPO/spin-off from Goldman Sachs

Part 4 of an interesting deep dive into Sea Ltd, a South East Asian Tech conglomerate

Doordash’s deck to justify the Wolt acquisition (My take: very thin…)

Stratechery on Unity and the attraction of “faceless platforms”

Some links

“NegatIve Visualisation” is an interesting exercise for any investor

Roger Lowenstein on US Inflation

A very interesting HBR long read on how NFTs can create Value

Scientists have discovered on how to turn Ammonia into electricity without toxic by products

Some interesting notes on Assytem from France

This week, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson and Toshiba announced to split themselves into smaller entities

Prof. Damodaran with a valuation update on Tesla

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