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Double Book review: “Venture Deals” & “The Lean Startup”

Those two books might be somehow unusual for a blog dedicated to Value investing, but I do believe that especially for value investors it is very important to understand what is happening elsewhere and those two books provide plenty to learn and apply even (or especially) for value investors.

“Venture Deals  – Be smarter than you lawyer and Venture Capitalist”


“Venture Deals” is a rather technical but nevertheless very interesting book and in my opinion a “Must” for anyone directly involved in start-up funding, either as an investor or founder.

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Book review “Deep Work” – Cal Newport


First a big “thank you” to the reader who sent me an EMail and pointing me to this book.

Everyone who works in a big company knows the feeling: You had a really stressful day with many meetings etc. but by the end of the day you go home and are frustrated because you got nothing done. Or you have those colleagues who are always busy but if you need something from them, you never get an answer. Or you have been watching the Bloomberg screen on a really bad day all day long and achieved exactly nothing.

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Some links

The retail experience of the future ? Warby Parker’s new flagship store doesn’t try to sell you anything.

A short write up on Steel Partners  and the link to the last shareholder letter. Plus the guy who runs Steel Partners is called Warren.

Good WSJ article on Moleskin Spa (search for headline). I had this stock on my to do list but now it is too late….

John Hempton on “Punchcard Investing” and an answer from John Huber

A very insightful story about John D. Rockefeller, written in ….1906.

Forager Funds recap of their Sotheby’s investment

Some links

Why a fish market is not so different from financial markets

The ukvalueinvestor with a short case study on Chemring and the risk of M&A fueled growth

Why you shouldn’t even think about buying Spanish bank stocks (H/T to 2 of my readers, best piece of sell side research I have seen in a decade)

An interesting look at the potential total impact of Electric Vehicles on the economy

Basehit Investing about the really important items in an investment check list

The luxury industry slumps further and how Cartier’s attempt in luxury watches didn’t work out. However better times may lie ahead.

David Merkel eplains why buying stock of an indebted cyclical company is never a good idea, even if Monosh Pabrai and Guy Spier own it (Horsehead)

Finally, check out this relatively new blog GlobalStockPicking. Some pretty good content and interesting (global) stocks in the blog portfolio.



Some links

Deep thoughts on communciation between investors and management of a company (Graham, Buffett, Bezos)

A fine wine Madoff/Ponzi scheme

The farewell post of Motley Fool’s Morgan Housel and why investing is great

How Hormel foods tries to move beyond “Spam”

A good write up on the “new” Dell /VMWare Tracking stock

Andrew Left (Citron) is done shorting Hong Kong stocks

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Damodaran’s valuation class starts again  on September 7th.


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