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Some links

Deep thoughts about the recent strategy change at Zillow

Prof. Damodaran has a look at Google. And Google has screwed up messaging again.

A more pesimistic view on the future of tech stocks

Forager on the disadvantage of size in fund management and their thesis on Auto Trader (UK)

What Hugh Hendry is doing these days after closing his Hedge Fund

Long Term Value Blog with a portfolio update

The Global Stock Picking blog likes Rezidor Hotel Group

Some links

Deep thoughts from  (and about) the founder of Constellation Software

Forager on the potential long term downsides of large moats

Ben from Wertart with a deep dive into Sarine Technologies


At USG, Buffett goes somehow activist by teaming up with German Knauf against the Board

Express Scripts looks like a potentially interesting Special Situation

Red Corner blog is back with a write-up on CVR Partners

Prof. Damodaran updates his Facebook valuation

Some links

Some troubling Figures about loan volumes and credit quality

Prof. Damodaran (again) tries to value Spotify ahead of its IPO

A very nice illustration of the impact of volatility on investment returns

Why Cryptokitties could become something much bigger

Prem Watsa’s 2017 shareholder letter is worth reading

For Mexican stocks, insider trading seems to be normal

“Concierge Brands” can take away a lot of value form “Normal” brands

Some links

Prof. Damodaran is trying to value Spotify ahead of its “IPO”

A look into DE Shaw, one of the earliest and most successful Quant Hedge Funds

Must watch: Crypto currencies explained by John Oliver

Wyndham Worldwide looks like a potentially interesting Spin-off situation

US Company audit reports might be soon much more interesting to read 

Japanese Game companies could be worth a look

Forager Funds on why Dividends should be taxed higher in Australia

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