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Some links

The Pixar / Steve Jobs story

Bloomberg story about the “uber quant” hedge fund Renaissance Technologies

Hilton Hotel is going to split into 3 companies

Stock Buybacks in Europe seem to have lost their magic 

Wexboy celebrates 5 years of blogging as well as Alpha Vulture. Keep it up guys !

“How I built this” podcast – Herb Kelleher & Southwest Airlines (via Valueinvestingworld)

A very interesting piece on Mark Zuckerberg and how he runs Facebook

Some links

Taleb has written a foreword to the upcoming biography of Ed Thorpe. (This is the book I am really looking forward to….)

Jason Zweig on the stamina required for longterm investing success

Damodaran on the perils of family owned (Indian) companies (Tata)

Morgan Housel on (non traditional) sources of competitive advantages

Steve “the big short” Eisman is short European Banks

And yes, finally a few Trump related links worth reading:

Howard Marks
 – Ray Delio
 – Bill Gross
– and of course the full interview with Warren BUffett

Some links

Guranteed “Trump Free”:

India has been “demonetized” this week. Interesting to see how this will turn out.

Freakonomics podcast on why expensive wines seem to taste better (and other stuff)

The Brooklyin Investor has a look a Och-Ziff, the listed US Hedge fund

Geoff Gannon is blogging again and answering questions like “How to find sutainbale profitable companies” or  “How to invest if you have only one hour a day”

Ginni Rometty (CEO of IBM) on “How Blockchain will change your life” (WSJ, search for headline
Wired podcast on why Fitness trackers seem to lose steam (Fitbit, Apple)

Some links

Jeff Bezos interview by Charlie Rose (h/t valueinvestingworld)

Market Folly has a good summary of pitches from the “Invest for kids” conference

The positive effects of no news (for 7 days)

Tyler Cowen on why China’s economy didn’t crash (yet)

Bill Miller explains the accelerating shift from active to passive strategies

Podcast: Barry Ritholz interviews Prof. Damodaran

Smart thoughts on if we will ever see fully self driving vehicles


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