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Some Links

Interesting feature on German “Tech Investor Wunderkind” Christian Angermayer 

A  pitch for Slack as an investment

Great post on how Social Media compares with the beginning of Television in the 1950s

Good portrait form Barron’s on car salvage company Copart

Wexboy with an epic post on Crypto Investment company KR1

A good reminder from Morgan Housel that it is very difficult to predict what happens after the pandemic

And a good write up on Multi-Chem, a Singapore based IT distributor



Some links

Quants had a really shitty year so far

Prof. Damodaran with a recap of the “covid-19 stock market”

Valuesque with an interesting deep dive on how to report football broadcasting rights under IFRS (and on socks)

Some interesting facts about the pulled Ant Financial IPO

The three main global Custody banks seem to run the World’s worst oligopoly

Interesting analysis how cost of business travel (or lack of) influences global trade

A really interesting question: Which stock market is the most zombified one ?

Some links

Interesting feature on Japan’s richest man Tadashi Yanai, founder of Uniqlo

Highly recommended: Superb write-up from smallcapseurope on Greek company Flexopack

UndervaluedShares thinks UK publisher Pearson is worth following

The Profit Hunting blog with an update of its dividend portfolio

Valuesque has a very useful primer on how to value stock option plans

Another “must read” from Ben Evans: On the future of retail and E-commerce (Spoiler: Nobody knows anything)

Despite his performance issues, David Einhorn’s Q3 letter is worth reading

Some links

Two different approaches: Bireme Capital sticks to Value Investing whereas Forager has joined the SPAC party

A great three part holistic series from Prof. Damodaran on Value Investing: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Interesting deep dive into the often overlooked Geothermal Energy 

Morningstar on some lasting changes in consumer behavior from the pandemic

In-depth look into US vs. Google from Stratechery

An interesting portrait of Cliff Asness and his blog from UndervaluedShares

Crazy times: How Just mentioning Green Hydrogen by Management can push any (LNG) stock into the stratosphere 

Some links

Fantastic deep dive into the future of music / audio from Mathew Ball

Covid-19 hit big oil companies like an Asteroid” (Bloomberg)

Has Tesco finally become a potentially interesting investment ?

Very good overview of the German Fintech scene from

Super interesting longform interview with Daniel Ek, founder and CEO of Spotify

A short look at Romanian stock Fondul Proprietatea S.A.

Stratechery with its trademark deep insight into DIsney

Some links

A long term reader has started an interesting blog called Check it out !

Another super interesting new blog with a focus on valuation techniques is Lawbitrage & The Art of Company Valuation. Highly recommended !!!

Very smart article why most institutional investors have very short time horizons

Undervaluedjapan with a nice write up on a super cheap Japanese steel company

Great deep dive on the demise of and the fight with a super secretive quant hedge fund

How Charles Schwab transformed itself into a finance giant

The UK value investor with a great take on the “Covid-19 lottery” within his portfolio


Some Links

A deep look into the troubled airline industry

Interesting article on “Super Spy” and soon to be listed Mega Unicorn Palantir

Uber’s self driving car project is not making progress  and why fully autonomous driving is still years away

Scott Galloway wants Disney to “Unleash the Mouse”

Interesting slide deck on the transformation of the New York Times

Yetanothervalueblog on Interactive Corp and ANGI

A very useful collection of recent investment research papers

Some Links

UK retailer Next Plc has a highly interesting 6M report with many deep thoughts on retail and Covid-19

A good reminder that SPACs still are bullsxxx

Interesting interview with author and financial historian Edward Chancellor

Some deep insights into an Japanese activist story (Ryoyo Electric) 

As indeed “winter is coming”, life will happen more outdoor than usual

A16Z on “deep” job platforms

A WSJ portrait of the short seller behind “Hindenburg Research” (Nikola)


Some Links

Shocking news ! Fraud in Startup Land. How can this be ?

In Silicon Valley, “pre-telling the truth” is ok according to Alex Danco

For a change, FTAlphaville somehow recommends 4imprint, a UK based company 

IPO’s are maybe not that bad compared to SPACs and direct listings

A great deep dive on London-listed Hypgnosis Song fund

A very good deep dive feature on Masa Son (Softbank)

Very interesting long term projections on energy usage from BP

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