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Some links

Brad Feld thinks startups should prefer “clean” down rounds to crazy structures

A deep dive into the factors why Nuclear Power is so expensive

Despite some popular home runs, Biotech Stocks as a group have underperformed over the long term

The Value Shares blog likes Vopak (German)

Searching4Value likes Croatian Pharma stock Krka

Bill Gates has released his “5 books for the summer” reading list

TikTok seems to have become essential for Music labels



Some links

Not surprisingly, Wall Street Banks earned very well during the SPAC boom

And another long read on SPACs and upcoming regulation that would make the promoters actually liable (and therefore kill SPACs altogether, thank god)

“Undermoney” seems to be a very interesting book according to this review

In case you need a reminder: Market timing is not working

“The  Superinvestors of Augustusville” looks like a promising new stock blog/substack

Interesting reference to a 1950s Spin-off and a very interesting sounding Special Situations Book

The Private Equity sector looks quite shaky based on the recent behaviour


Some links

Nice write-up on Apollo Global (although I would not invest there)

An interesting essay on streaming – Unbundling vs. Bundling etc. from the former CEO of Sky

NotBoring on the Terra-Luna implosion

Why the US has an infant formula (milk powder) crisis

The UndervaluedJapan Blog celebrates its (slightly frustrated) 10th anniversary

Rare feature on Chris Hohn (TCI Fund)

John Hempton is angry about the Management of Swedish Match because of the proposed take over

Some links

There is some evidence that “Bond King” Bill Gross was indeed a great bond investor

Wired story about Shein, the Chinese Ultra Fast fashion company

A not so positive take on Spotify

Some very deep (and not very optimistic)  thoughts on inflation by Prof. Damodaran

A nice pitch for Medios AG from VERUS (German)

Nice post on some lessons learned from “master capital allocator” Tom Murphy (Capital Cities)

A good thing to remember: Warren Buffett’s (short term) market timing skills are not that good

Some links

A Netflix Doku on Abercrombie & Fitch looks like  a “must watch” for any investor interested in retail stocks

The ProfitHunting blog on Aussie LNG player Woodside Energy

A good reminder that consistent outperformance of active fund managers is the wrong metric to focus on

Great take on Twitter by Prof. Damodaran and some very strategic thoughts on Twitter from Ben Thompson

Interesting background story on vending machines

The Q1 report from Bireme is worth reading (Netflix)

Kerrisdale is short the “Trump SPAC”. Even among all the shitty SPACs, this one smells especially bad

Some links

A Netflix pitch from Bireme Capital and a conversation with Evan Tindell from Bireme 

A very good overview on “customer based valuation” for fast growing companies

Five timeless investing lessons distilled from Arlington Value’s investor letters

Four easy ways to combine Value and Momentum

Some insights from Ben Evans how online marketing is evolving (and killing TV)

Interesting story on 30 year old Crypto Billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried

About that LME Nickel Short Squeeze and the potential consequences

Some links

Asian Century Stocks with a nice deep dive into Thai Beverage

Softbank’s Tech Hedge fund is being liquidated, with losses expected to reach up to USD 7 bn

Marc Rubinstein on the rise of fast payments (UK & Brazil)

Hybrid working V.1.0 doesn’t look very promising so far

Interesting notes from the book “10 1/2 lessons from Experience, Perspectives on Fund Management” written by Paul Marshall (Marshall Wace)

Maynard Payton with a great exercise: looking at the Energy consumption of all his portfolio companies

Annual letter to investors from Danish Fund manager Symmetry (23% CAGR since 2013)

Some links

Let’s start with a Goodie: Pareto Securities is holding its annual TechIT conference on March 30th. It is a virtual event and also open for non-professional investors. And it is good value because it is free.

GlobalStockPicking with a very nice write-up on Swedish MedTech RaySearch

In depth interview on the “metaverse” with a 19 year Second Life veteran

Marc Rubinstein on the current Russia issues of Airplane Leasing companies (AerCap)

Good deep dive into the “premium alcohol” market from Lindsell Train

A comprehensive market update from Prof. Damodaran reflecting the impact from the war in UKraine

Heat pumps look like a no brainer these days

A couple of really helpful matrices to cluster investments

Some links & “3000”

A few days ago, the number of subscribers passed the 3000 mark. I feel extremely proud and also humbled that 3000 persons across the globe read my stuff on a regular basis despite all the typos and bad grammar. Thank you very much, this is really a great motivation to keep going !!!

Sprucepoint Capital has released a short report on

Great deck from Altafox about its activist campaign for/against Hasbro

Asiancenturystocks has a very comprehensive overview on Asian stock markets

Deep insights into Amazon’s ad business (these ads by the way annoy me big time as “power user”)

A good reminder from Ben Inker (GMO) on what mistakes to avoid in this market

Nice write-up on my former portfolio investment Installux

Ben Evans summarizes 10 big questions for the Tech sector in 2022 (and beyond)

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