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Some Links

A good reminder that the “cash on the sidelines” argument is nonsense

9 very good questions that every investor should ask himself after the recent bull run

Great Profile of iconic VC firm Bessemer Venture Partners

AI company DeepMind has found out how to model the folding of Proteins. This could be big. More here.

David Einhorn’s  Q2 letter. As always, good comments but awful performance.

Nice write up on DNA sequencing pioneer Illumina

For finance nerds: Special report on Credit Suisse’s 5,5 bn Archegos loss (and I learned a new word: lackadaisical)


Some Links

Peak SPAC ? A non-revenue healthcare litigation company wants to be valued at 32,6 bn USD.

Half year fund letters:

Fascinating paper on the massive Albanian Ponzi system of 1996-1997

Nice pitch for European stocks vs American stocks

Very interesting deep dive into Roku

And a pitch for Imperial Brands

To make it three: Write-up on Brook Compton 

Some links

A banking stock that los -93% without any (obvious) fraud

Very good post on “playing the losers game” by avoiding “unforced errors” (h/t S4V)

Why keeping cool despite meme stonks and crypto might be a good idea

Investing into Carbon Prices looks almost like a no-brainer

Short write-up on EV charging stock Chargepoint

Great write-up on Total Produce (Merger, De-Listing, Re-Listing)

Good long read on the “Invisible caffeine addiction”

Some links

Another outstanding post from Net Interest (Marc Rubinstein) on the long decline of Western Union

Joachim Klement makes an interesting case for “Green Tech Royalty Companies”

A good reminder how outstanding Phil Fishers Book “Common stocks, uncommon profits” really was/is

June 2021 Spin-off links

A big pitch for Angel VC investing by Meb Faber

Some reflections on holding stocks for 10 years

Great reminder that thematic funds are usually not good investments


Some links

On the difficult relationship between Restaurants and Delivery Apps

Remote work is going to stay

The founders of  a South African Crypto platform disappeared with a few billions of Bitcon

Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology could solve a lot of issues with data privacy

John Kingham with an in-depth look into QinetiQ

Swen Lorenz on SBM (Société des Bains de Mer et du Cercle des Etrangers à Monaco S.A)

Noah Smith interviews Marc Andreessen

Investors are maybe too optimistic about stock market returns

And a special link: Anyone who registers on Swen Lorenz Undervalued Shares website, get his new Ebook with the best Finance blogs of the world for free (incl. V&O)

Some Links

Useful vocabulary if you want to follow r/wsb

A super helpful list for “sniff tests” on company management

Great profile on Australian Private Equity investor William Dingby

Podcast with great insights on Moderna and mRNA technology

Winners and Losers of a “Work from Home” world

The delivery model is a big differentiator for E-Commerce business models

Good write-up on how Nintendo seems to better monetize their IP

Some Links

Highly interesting post from Marc Rubinstein on Maker DAO, a fully decentralized Crypto bank

Good write-up on UK micro cap Quarto Plc

Yetanothervalueblog with some deep thoughts on the Music Industry

Deep Insights into the “Deca-Unicorn” Stripe

The always excellent Morgan Housel on the importance of “Managing Expectations”

Prof. Damodaran on SPACs

Good profile on John Rogers (Ariel) who is very bullish on Value Investing



Some links

Interesting feature on David Rolfe from Wedgewood Partners

The New Yorker with a feature on the “Master of SPACs” Chamath Palihapitiya

Nine (strong) arguments for ESG Investing

Restaurants in the US are scaling back delivery options

The Pro-Brexit CEO of JD Wetherspoon wants more migrant workers for the UK

An interesting article on how Amazon forces market place sellers not to sell cheaper elsewhere

Good interview by Good Investing with the two founders of Worm Capital 

Some Links

Marc Rubinstein with his Adventures in Cryptoland

Recommended: A surprisingly good (German) Reddit forum on Investing and stock analysis

Prof. Damodaran with a very comprehensive post on inflation and potential impacts on asset prices.

Morgan Housel explains why real long term thinking is hard

A good collection of Spin-off related links

A great “Post mortem” analysis of an investment (Viacom) with important conclusions

Very good examples on company growth that does not create value 

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