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Some links

How Solar energy became “insanely cheap”

Interesting deep dive into Nintendo’s strategy

A few insights from Berkie’s annual shareholder meeting

Klement on Investing makes a good case for CO2 certificates

The Amex Black Card looks like a really good deal….if you are rich enough to get it

A very good reminder: Now is the Golden Time for financial scams of all sorts

Good check list on how to avoid Value Traps


Some Links

Interesting view when and especially if all workers return to the office and another good article on the same subject

A16Z on the booming Fintech scene in LatAm

Good Carson Block (Muddy Waters) feature in the Institutional Investor

Great deep dive into Evolution Gaming

The risks of trying to arbitrage Bitcoin Futures

Also “interesting”: Cathy Wood and Jack Dorsey see Bitcoin as an enabler for the energy transition to clean energy

A good collection of Spin-off related links (Dell/VMWare, others)

Some links

An interesting overview how retail spending in the US has developed since the beginning of the pandemic

A “behind the scenes” deep dive into the development of the J&J Covid-19 vaccine

A great allegory on the difference of investing like an Octopus vs. investing like a Shark

How Square succeeded in the hard fought payments business

Canary Wharf is trying to fight itself out of the Covid-19 hole

Although his performance is bad, David Einhorn is still writing decent investor letters 

Which game in investing are you playing ?


Some links

WeWork is coming back as a SPAC. Is it any better now ?

Muddy Waters on the Archego blow up

Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress, has some beef with competitor Wix

International Value Advisors (IVA) once had 10 bn under management but has shut down recently

Jamie Dimon’s annual letter to JPM shareholders is worth a read especially Chapter III on competition for banks

Pareto Securities is organizing an online  Tech/It conference (open also “for free” for private investors) on April 20th with a lot of interesting Small Cap companies form Germany and Norway (including Bouvet).

An interesting view: Comparing the build up of avalanches with financial markets



Some links

Bloomberg article on the meltdown of the Archegos Hedgefund

A “Must read” memo from Rob Vinall on how to adapt to rapidly changing markets   

Prof. Damodaran with an interesting deep dive into rising interest rates vs. stock valuations

The Atlantic on the potential of mRNA technology

Yetanothervalueblog likes Discovery, one of the Archegos “victims”

A “conversation with Bill Ackman” from January but still relevant (SPACs etc.)

The thirst for growth assets is met by increasing supply

Some links

Interesting starter post on “Nordic Sidecar Investing”

A very critical look at the Deliveroo IPO

Value Investing with Legends Podcast with Florian Schuhbauer and Klaus Roehrig – Applying Activist Tactics to European Markets

Yale University owns a (now) 373 year old Dutch Bond that is still paying interest

Can Intel “pull off a Microsoft” this time ?

Good Investing with a nice interview with Per Brilioth (Vostok New Ventures)

Bill Gates does another AMA on Reddit



Some links

Felix Salmon tries to explain what is going on in today’s YOLO market

Beeples “NFT” sold for 69 mn USD, Jack Dorsey’s first Tweet is “only” worth 2.5 mn USD

A deep look into Coinbase pre IPO

John Hempton tries to answer the question who is holding the bag in the Greensill debacle (part 1 , part 2) besides the German Taxpayers 

Bessemer Venture’s State-of-the-cloud 2021

Ben Thompson with a deep dive into Roblox

AerCap is acquiring GE’s airplane leasing business

Some links

Very interesting deep dive on Amazon’s cash flow statements

Video from the annual shareholder meeting of Fundsmith (Terry Smith)

Deep read on lipid nanoparticles which made mRNA vaccines possible

In the US, Sports programming has suffered badly last year

March Spin-off links from Stock Spin-off Investing

A great reminder from Klement on Investing that currency speculation is really hard

Investor Amnesia on historic bubbles of collectibles (Rabbits, hens, Tulips…)

Some links

Berkshire Letter to Shareholders 2020

Broyhill Q4 Letter including a write up on Sam Zell’s Equity Commonwealth (EQC)

YetAntotherValueBlog with its wide ranging monthly post (Virtu, SPACs etc.)

Sneakers have become a financial  asset class including, indices, exchanges and of course HFT bots

Digital block chain linked videos seem to become a “hot” asset as well

Clark Street Value on the Technip Energy Spin-off situation

RagnarisaPirate really likes Thryv


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