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Some links

Market folly has a great collection of pitches from the London Value Investor conference

A good summary why most investors these days hate banks

Wexboy with a very nice write-up on a company called Applegreen

The unstoppable rise of the QR code in China

Interesting thoughts about the carnage in retail stocks and a follow-up post

Wow, my blog has been included in the “50 Of The Best Investing Blogs On The Planet”



Some links

Another reason to trade less: Decision fatigue

Some interesting musings about how to find 28 baggers (Trifast)

Geoff Gannon’s former partner Quan with interesting thoughts about investment writing and Quants vs. longterm investors

Bery Ritholtz’s summer reading list and 5 books recommended by Bill Gates

Tulips & crypto currencies

A good collection of studies for spin-off stock price action directly after the event


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