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Some links

Glen Chan with a good summary of the risks with Chinese stocks

Hard times for Bill Ackman – Q3 report of Pershing Square

Will the P/B “factor” ever make a come back ?

15 Questions to ask management of a company (as an analyst).

Virtual Reality E-Sports seem to have some potential

John Kingham has found 3 trustworthy dividend stocks (Admiral)

How to change the culture of a large organisation (Honeywell)




Some links

How Amazon, Google and Facebook created the “Trinet”

Two  interesting special situations: CBS Radio Reverse Morris Trust and VICI properties

Ocera Therapeutics, a Pharma take-over with a Contingent Valur Right (CVR)

L Brands (Victoria’s Secret) looks cheap

An interesting collection of “far off the beaten track” stocks

The Venture Capital sector looks pretty screwed up at the moment

Q&A with Lou Simpson (EX CIO of Geico)

Some links

Forager thinks that Buffett could/should take over General Electric (GE)

Interesting interview (Podcast) with famous financial author Roger Lowenstein (Buffett, Munger, Fed)

Rick Bookstaber on the current low volatility market 

Risk free rates are at a 800 year low

Will Tesla finally implode ?

A playbook of how the current Crypto Bubble could implode

The “Buffett of Saudi Arabia”  Prince Alwaleed seems to have been arrested

Some links

Forager with a mini case study on how a good business can quickly deteriorate

An analysis of TABS Holland, a pretty obscure stock from the Netherlands

Notes from the “Capitalize for kids” conference (Einhorn)

An interesting slide deck on High Frequency Trading

Prof. Damodaran thinks Bitcoin is a currency (and not a very good one), not an investment. Plus a follow up.

There is too much money in Venture Capital these days

Must Read: “How to remember what you read” from Farnam Street

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