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Molten Ventures is another beaten up listed VC stock

A critical look into the Mega Buyout (and mega leverage) of Citrix

Although it’s from McKinsey, this interview with VC legend Bill Gurley is really good

Extremely interesting analysis of the accuracy of analyst forecasts

Ben Thompson (Startechery) sees Microsoft as the “real VR” company

Interesting deep dive into the current state of Softbank

Very nice write-up on Hypoport from Verus (German language)

Some links

Maynard Peyton with a very extensive deep dive into System1 Plc

There seems to be some correlation between “best places to work” and stock performance

Narcissistic fund managers are bad for fund performance

Marc Rubinstein with an interesting piece on UK Insurance regulation (Solvency II & Infrastructure investments)

“Railroader” seems to be a very interesting book

A nice case study on a Liquidation special Situation (Concorde Camera, 2008)

Another attempt at analyzing skill vs luck for portfolio managers




Some links

Maboussin with a deep dive on market share 

Reading texts on paper seems to be more efficient than reading on a device

Nice write-up on HongKong’s Swire Pacific from Michael Fritzell

Marc Rubinstein makes the case for UK Banks as potentially interesting investment

Interesting pitch for FEMSA from Patient Capital

Insider Ideas thinks that Ocado might be worth a deeper look

Mark Suster thinks private (VC) valuations will need to reset

Some links

Former “Growth Darling” Saga Partners trying to explain -75% performance in the first 6M 2022

A great check list to identify interesting stocks “off the beaten path”

When Brad Feld, who has written the best book on Venture Capital, offers a free course on this topic, you should sign up.

Time machine: The “Burning Platform” memo of the CEO of Nokia from 2011 (why didn’t I buy Apple and Google back then ?)

Bireme Capital with a deep dive into their Twitter “special situation” investment

Some deep thoughts on when Share buy backs make sense and when not (Autozone, Altice US)

UK households seem to be hit most by high Natural Gas and Energy prices in Europe

Some links

Bireme Capital with a nice “post mortem” on their Tencent Music investment

Vitaly Katsenelson explains why he invested into Uber

Symmetry with a deep dive on GiG Media from Sweden

Interesting deep dive into bankrupt Crypto Fund Three Arrows Capital and its founders

Fred Wilson (AVC) summarizes his expectations for the Ethereum “Merge” towards Proof-of-Stake

Air Conditioning technology seems to be ripe for disruption

Timeless advice from Charlie Ellis for “Investing Amateurs”


Some links

Rob Vinall has released his half year letter and has announced a big surprise: Andreas Lechner will join him officially as partner

Iceberg research published a quite entertaining “short attack” on Victoria Plc, a UK flooring roll-up

Great write-up from Augustusville on Millicom (TIGO)

Failed Chinese fast grocery delivery MissFresh is a great case study for similar businesses

Former Tech Champion Intel looks like a train wreck these days

ProfitHunting with a write-up on Aluminium Producer Norsk Hydro

A very interesting article about the obscure market in Listerine royalties

Some links

The Rational Walk blog on why researching companies that are too expensive might actually make a lot of sense

The “Uber leaks” picture a horrible company

SPACs were never a good idea for anyone except the promoters and even Bill Ackman is sending money back to investors

Interesting post on AMETEK, a company that compounded nicely over several decades

Companies with difficult to pronounce names might be systematically undervalued

Chrysalis and other “listed VCs” seem to be far behind the curve in valuation of their holdings

Some interesting details on “Twitter vs. Musk”






Some links

Another interesting background article on Tiger Global 

Elad Gil on the current state and future of Venture Capital (Twitter Thread)

A good reminder that Wealth doesn’t flow anywhere when stock prices go down

Ray Dalio thinks that Stagflation is coming

Excellent write-up on Fuchs Petrolub from Augustusville

And a great Sony Deep Dive from Asia Century stocks

Why the “long tail” promise  in streaming never happened


Some links

Brad Feld thinks startups should prefer “clean” down rounds to crazy structures

A deep dive into the factors why Nuclear Power is so expensive

Despite some popular home runs, Biotech Stocks as a group have underperformed over the long term

The Value Shares blog likes Vopak (German)

Searching4Value likes Croatian Pharma stock Krka

Bill Gates has released his “5 books for the summer” reading list

TikTok seems to have become essential for Music labels



Some links

Not surprisingly, Wall Street Banks earned very well during the SPAC boom

And another long read on SPACs and upcoming regulation that would make the promoters actually liable (and therefore kill SPACs altogether, thank god)

“Undermoney” seems to be a very interesting book according to this review

In case you need a reminder: Market timing is not working

“The  Superinvestors of Augustusville” looks like a promising new stock blog/substack

Interesting reference to a 1950s Spin-off and a very interesting sounding Special Situations Book

The Private Equity sector looks quite shaky based on the recent behaviour


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