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Some links

Good analysis from the UK Value Investor why Interserve was taken over by its creditors.

Lyft, the new hot ride sharing IPO is to a large extent actually an insurance company

Interesting thoughts on Aviation Economics by Greenwood

Deep thoughts on Banks, Fintechs, Open Banking etc.

Naspers is (somehow) spinning of its Internet assets

FTAlphaville with a great post on cloud software stocks

Clark Street Value looks at Howard Hughes and Oncomed Pharmaceuticals

Some links

Warren Buffett now has abandoned book value officially as measure for Berkshire’s success

Damodaran is  looking at the mess at KraftHeinz

Bill Gurley on the success of digital market places plus a checklist of what makes digital marketplaces interesting

Broyhill Investment’s 2018 letter

Deep thoughts on value chains (Walmart, Amazon, Google, Microsoft) from Ben Thompson

An interesting stock pitch on Nintendo

UK Fintech Revolut seems to be a tough place to work at

Some links

Warren Buffett’s 2018 letter to the Shareholders

A very interesting and comprehensive annual fund letter from Semper Augustus (h/t ValueInvesting World)

Zillow,the US Real Estate online classified leader, tries to become THE one stop shop for online real estate.

Morgan Housel has a very smart collection of the “different kinds of stupid”

The UK Value Investor has a look at HSBC

Good write up on Pershing Square Holdings and Central Securities

Some links

China’s impact on the world economy has increased significantly

Interesting rant on why AI won’t replace any job and Won’t drive any car

Fantastic slide deck on how the VC market has developed (hint: a lot of value is now captured pre IPO)

Pabrais’s “free lunch portfolio” tanked in 2018 but he is proposing a new one for 2019

“Bond King” Bill Gross now has officially retired. Maybe a few years too late.

Sequoia Fund Q4 letter

Random thoughts on HoldCos, Netflix, SPorts Media company and some links


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