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Some links

China’s impact on the world economy has increased significantly

Interesting rant on why AI won’t replace any job and Won’t drive any car

Fantastic slide deck on how the VC market has developed (hint: a lot of value is now captured pre IPO)

Pabrais’s “free lunch portfolio” tanked in 2018 but he is proposing a new one for 2019

“Bond King” Bill Gross now has officially retired. Maybe a few years too late.

Sequoia Fund Q4 letter

Random thoughts on HoldCos, Netflix, SPorts Media company and some links


Some links


Recommended: TGV Partners 2018 letter to shareholders and TGV Truffle 2018 letter to investors

Ben Evan’s doesn’t think that 5G networks will be a revolutionary new technology

Is Computime really a “high quality Net-Net” stock ?

Good write up on Edgewell Personal Care which looks like a cheap defensive consumer stock

An interesting portrait of Masa Son from Softbank as the “Most powerful man in Silicon Valley”

An excerpt of the 2018 letter to investors from Rangeley Capital

You think your personal data is worth a lot ? Maybe think twice….



Some links

Rob Vinall (RV Capital) has released his 2018 letter with deep thoughts on subscription models. There will also be a Live Stream of his upcoming investor meeting

Marketfolly has good write ups on the London Sohn Conference

Interesting thoughts on the strength of different platform business models

GreenWood Investors explains its “12 month re-underwriting” process

Fellow blogger Wexboy with his 2018 review as does JohnKingham (UK Value Investor)

Strong versus weak technologies

Yet another value blog with write up on Radisson Hospitality and Telecom Italia



Some links

Farnam Street on how not to be stupid plus its 2018 review

And ValueInvestingWorld with a fitting “final checklist” before making an investment decision

An interesting view on how “factors” like size, EV/EBIT etc. performed in 2018

Honeywell looks potentially interesting after the spin-off as well as ARLO

Good feature on Paul Singer (Elliott)

Four blogs with totally “off the beaten track” portfolios have posted 2018 reviews:
– GlobalStockPicking
– Alpha Vulture
– Value Investing France
– Clark Street Value

David Einhorn had a catastrophic year in 2018

Some links

Eddie Elfenbein’s Buy list 2019 has been released last week

The Bull, Bear and Value blog with a 2018 portfolio recap

Some December Spin-off links

Nope, US Steel stocks did not benefit from the steel tarifs

Some notes from a Value Investing Conference in NYC (h/t Valueinvestingworld)

Cautious remarks from Fred Wilson on the cash burn of VC backed companies

An interesting book list from A16Z

Great advice from Ryan Holiday on how to create better habits

Bill Gates explains what he has learned in 2018

Some links

Don’t miss: Stratechery 2018 review

Some very insightful investing lessons from Morgan Housel 

GlobalStockPicking with a nice write-up on HK based Modern Dental Group

A quick look at the upcoming United Technologies Spin-off

Great collection of 50 reasons why most of “us” are not thinking long term enough

Farnam’s Street 2018 letter to its readers

A quick look at offshore drillers (Rowan, Diamond)

Plus a Christmas Bonus: Eric Clapton performing “White Christmas”;


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