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Some links

A great deep dive on how to measure network effects from A16Z

Ben from Wertart with some general thoughts and reflections on investing 

A good overview on how Buffett’s investment focus changed over his carreer

Ben Thompson’s “State of the technology” is a very good read on Google & Co

AMD has benefited form the Crypto craze. Is it now a short candidate ?

“Big Beer” AB Inbev is facing headwinds

Manning  & Napier: Cheap active asset manager or gone for good ?



Some links

One hedge fund thinks that MicroFocus should be worth twice its current share price

In contrast, UK Construction Group Kier looks like a short 

Interesting story about the founder of Panera Bread and shareholder short-termism

WIll Amazon go for Health Care next ?

Investments based on demographic trends are very difficult (funeral services edition)

Barry Ritholz is angry about Buy backs of the wrong kind

Interesting deep dive into the world of Lithium-Ion batteries


Some links

Venture Capital seen from a Capital Markets / Hedgefunds perspective

Another reminder that BBB corporate debt could become a problem at some point in the future

Very interesting thoughts on “the curse of low hanging fruits”

10 interesting book recommendations for the upcoming holidays

Why Starbucks has been able to create the most popular payment app in the US

A good overview of recent Spin-offs

Instagramm influencer marketing is now a really big thing

Some links

Prof. Damodaran thinks that GE is undervalued and 5 lessons to be learned from the GE debacle

Great profile of Shane Parish (Farnam Street Blog)

Warren Buffett has been buying JP Morgan, Oracle and other Financials.

Great CNBC interview with John Malone (h/t valueinvestingworld)

MBOs seem to be an indicator that an industry might be undervalued

GlobalStockPicking looks at the Dental industry

A great overview on where innovation will happen next from Benedict Evans (A16Z):

Some links

A great look back 10 years ago when Porsche created the Volkswagen Short Squeeze

The 5 most influential (historic) blog posts on Software ever

Don’t rely on the high dividend yields of consumer staples stocks

Forager is seeing Inflation risks

Notes from the SF Sohn conference and the Capitalize for Kids conference

Why Chinese short-video start-up Bytedance is supposed to be worth 75 bn USD

Some deep thoughts on how to apply Machine Learning to equity investing

Some links

Very good write-up on UK Hospital supplier Tristel

A good presentation (from April 2018) on Tech company Box Inc

Neil Woodford’s fund has been cut down by half (search result, h/t Monevator)

Notes from the “Invest for Kids” Chicago conference and from the Great Investors Best Ideas Dallas Conference

The Fall 2018 issue of Graham & Doddsville is out

How will the Saudi issue effect Tech valuations in the Valley going forward ?

A good collection of Spin-Off links


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