Some links

Are AI/data driven strategies to be blamed for the underperformance of Value Investing ?

The UK Value investor discusses his worst investment ever (Xaar)

Great Vanitfair story on WeWork and Adam Neumann

Damodaran on the ARAMCO IPO: Part 1 and part 2

And a (justified) comment from Alpha Vulture on Damodaran’s treatment of “truncation risk”.

Seth Godin on the “Google Tax”

A critical view on Alibaba’s accounting


  • True that WeWork is a chronic fake and will be hardly ever profitable. Everybody by niw should have learnt the lesson. Serialising the subject week after week turns it into a boring SoapOpera. (scott galloway does the same… but he is a bit funny 🙂 )

  • Mercie bien, V&O !

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