Commerzbank HT1 tender offer – results

Commerzbank just released the results for their tender offer.

Interestingly, all tendered securities have been accepted, so the described arbitrage strategy has worked out nicely for anyone able to exploit it.

What I found extremely interesting is the fact, that less than 15% of the UT2 were tendered but almost 60% of the HT1 bonds (584 mn out of 1 bn).

One of the reasons could be that the HT1 bond was owned by hedge funds anyway who had hedged the bonds at least partly with shares even before the tender.

For a small HT1 investor with a medium term time horizon, the outcome is actually positive. In my opnion, the reduced amount of outstanding bonds will increase the chance that Commerzbank will actually call the bonds in 2017, when they switch into floating rate and loose all benefits with regard to capital ratios.

Based on 68%, the potential yield if they are called at par in 2017 would be still 17.2% p.a. which I find is extremely attractive.

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