Book review: How to Make Money in Value Stocks (Stockopedia)

Dave from Stockopedia sent me a free copy of a new E-Book called ” How to Make Money in Value Stocks”

It is only 70 pages “short” and tries to introduce and summarize all relevant “schools” of value investing.

The book in my opinion is very well written. I liked especially the very “fluid” language, the very clear and easy to read layout and the many links they have at the end of each chapter.

I think its the perfect short book for anyone who wants to get a short well written overview on general value investing principles.


– it looks like that you get it for free if you register on their website. Then it’s great value. However I would not pay 14.99 GBPs what is announced to be the retail price for the book

EDIT: Dave from stockopedia just contacted me that there will be a Kindle Ebook edition for 4.99 GBP which seems to be a very reasonable price.

– the book in my opinion emphasizes a little too much what I would call “formula investing” as the best tool. However, they seem to offer value screens as a paid subscription service, so this makes sense from their perspective.

– They leave out the priciples and techniques of intrinsic valuation. This again is understandable from their perspective, however for anyone seriously interested in Value investing, I would definitely recommend to read for exapmle Prof. Greenwald’s books first.

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