Weekly links

Interesting post about possible moats at Indian IT companies

Interactve Investor is tired of “mechanical screening” and wants to analyse UK companies one by one

Greenbackd with yet another (16 page) study which about the advantages of “mechanical” value investing

Damodaran also has a great post about screening. Interestingly he concludes that screening itself seems to be not a competitive advantage for an invetor any more due to the abundance of available resources.

Great post about net-net investing from Nate at Oddball

Interesting interview with Ed Thorpe, one of the first Quants about momentum strategies

Brooklyn investor analysis about the current state of the stock market compared to the good old times.

The case for Greek stocks.


  • I took a closer look at Cranswick recently and found some not so nice issues you might want to consider:
    – share count increases steadily by about 1%/year, partly due to scrip dividends.
    – options are distributed rather generously with extralarge exercise timeframes (-2020!).
    – hygiene is a major risk factor with food (and especially meat) producers.
    – Asda recently started to produce themselves, avoiding the large profit margins Cranswick pockets for itself. If this becomes the trend with the other big three UK grocers, there could be a heavy profit decline.
    I’m looking forward to reading the results of your analysis!

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