Publishing the Boss Score – call for technical help

A few month ago I described my Scoring model which tries to identify potentially interesting stocks which show low fundamental volatility at attractive valuations and ROEs above cost of capital (“Boss” for “Boring sexy stocks”).

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

In the meantime I have built up a Excel database of around 1.500 stocks (and growing…). As I am a big fan of sharing information, I tried to come up with a convenient and cheap way to publish the results.

Ideally I would like to have something like an “Online database” where one could search & filter by certain categories, like Name, Score, Volatility, ROE and then get the results. And of course this should be easy to implement (no programming, easy update and free of charge).

So far I managed only to embed a google spreadsheet into WordPress. I imported the first 50 stocks in the database starting with A in a test page on the blog. The page is online already since a couple of weeks but so far no one has noticed (or no one is interested anyway). The result looks like this:

(By the way, Accell really looks good in the model…..)

Google Docs is a great way to do this. As soon as I update the Google sheet, it updates automatically in the blog. However, embedding the sheet in WordPress does not allow to use the search function or similar things

So here is the question:

Does anyone have an idea how to make the embedded google sheet more user friendly, i.e. searchable through something like a drop down menue ? I don’t really want people to access the underlying sheet.

Or is there another way to put a searchable Excel sheet online without programming and costs ?

In the meantime alternative I would just publish selected subsets like Top 10 per country or something like that.

So if you know how to do this, please send me a mail or comment on the page.


  • Kannst Du cgi-Skripte zur Verfügung stellen? Dann wäre es im Prinzip kein Problem, aus einer Liste im Format
    beispielsweise alle Werte herauszufiltern, die einen bestimmten Boss-Score überschreiten (\t für Tab, \n für Zeilenende).
    Ich bin zwar kein Programmierer, aber ich habe einen entsprechenden perl-Hack für Deine Original-25-Liste geschrieben, den ich zur Verfügung stellen kann.
    Ganz ohne Programmieren wird es vermutlich nicht gehen, aber wenn man einmal ein geeignetes Frontend gebaut hat, muss man wahrscheinlich nur noch die Daten zur Verfügung stellen, ohne etwas umzuschreiben. Bei Interesse auch gern Email.

  • Hallo mmi,
    du kannst das gSpreadSheet so einstellen, dass zB der Kurs automatisch abgefragt wird. Das ganze geht dann über google finance.
    Hier kann nicht nur dynamisch der Kurs abgefragt werden, sondern auch fundamentale Kennziffern, sofern die bei google hinterlegt sind.

    Ich habe das mit der Kursabfrage selbst in meinem Blog umgesetzt.
    Findest du hier:

    Wenn du nähere Infos brauchst, dann kannst du dich gerne bei mir melden.

  • There is another part of dilution due to financing acquisitions with capital increases.

  • @Tobias: Only a small Part of the dilution is due to management compensation. Most of the dilution is the effect of the stock dividend, which each stock holder can choose instead of cash.

  • I’m looking forward to read your analysis of ACCELL. I owned the stock in the past, but did not like the heavy dilution (management gets huge amounts of shares at zero cost on the income statement – and always sells those shares right away). You also need to very careful with quite frequent one time revenues which are not always very transparently disclosed. Anyway, while the company at first sight seems cheaper than it is, certainly it’s not expensive.

  • Well, if you publish the file as a Google docs document – why then not publish the original excel file sheet? Or, of course, a copy of it, maybe without the underlying data and just with the results. Regarding the published information, there shouldn’t be a difference, and at least you just would have to upload the file – which is still easier then to implement a programming logic and a database.
    Well, I have to admit, I’m not really (and not enough) interested in the BOSS score – but it’s really a generous gesture of yours…

  • Grate! I always wondered how Accell Group, my latest acquisition, will deal in the Boss score. Thank you very much.
    In my opinion it’s a good hedge against non-Euro exposure. I found Accell by screening for ROE, P/E and current rate, was the sole stock left, after omitting all Media enterprises.
    Now I will check out ADRIS GRUPA.

  • Hallo MMI,

    vielleicht wäre es für den User freundlicher wenn Du in die Liste das Land und eventuell die Branche einfügen würdest. Somit wäre es für jemanden der diese Tabelle nutzen möchte interessanter, da er 2 Firmen aus verschiedenen Ländern direkt vergleichen könnte.
    Nur so als Vorschlag.

    Ansonsten muss ich sagen, dass ich es super klasse finde, dass Du diese Informationen, für alle zugänglich machst, obwohl Du wahrscheinlich sehr viel Zeit und Arbeit investiert hast.
    Respekt und hut ab !

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