Some links

Shopify’s stock looks VERY expensive

Scott Galloway looks at his 2019 predictions and makes a few new ones fro 2020

Belgian Blog Zephyr Database has started the “All Belgian Shares” project. Part 1 is a great read.

Undervalued Shares has a nice post on unlisted shares

TGV Partners 2019 letter to investors

The UK Value investor with a deep dive into the reasons behind Ted Baker’s collapse

Greenlight Q4 Letter to investors and the Fundsmith 2019 letter


  • GNP-GlobalNosePicking

    Opinions I respect are in a cruel conflict wrt Facebook: Galloway & alikes on one side VS best-in-class investors (T.Smith, Vinall, Lencher)

  • Would be very interesting, as an exercise, to see how TGVpartners compares to MSCI World (which is the investment universe he takes). The letter is comparing apples to pears. Taking a different measuring bar in order to look better is a poor practice. And don’t say anymore as some people have too thin skin …

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