Some links

Rob Vinall has released his half year letter and has announced a big surprise: Andreas Lechner will join him officially as partner

Iceberg research published a quite entertaining “short attack” on Victoria Plc, a UK flooring roll-up

Great write-up from Augustusville on Millicom (TIGO)

Failed Chinese fast grocery delivery MissFresh is a great case study for similar businesses

Former Tech Champion Intel looks like a train wreck these days

ProfitHunting with a write-up on Aluminium Producer Norsk Hydro

A very interesting article about the obscure market in Listerine royalties


  • ValueAndOpportunity is more transparent…

  • Happy to read Rob health issue was not serious. After reading the letter I am a bit frustrated: I expected RV would explain why Alibaba disappeared from the portfolio after riding downwards for most of the investment time… And expected a better rationale on his Carvana investment, specifically on the surreal idea of doubling down while stock was on free fall (which added like -5% to the whole portfolio result). Honestly, I felt the script was written by the very Cathie Woods!

  • Thanks for the heads up. Will read RV newsletter next we. 🙂

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