What we read: KW 15

Crossing Wallstreet zur Arbeitslosenquote und Wiederwahlchancen

Seeking Alpha: Zickenkrieg Daniel Loeb vs. Ken Griffin

KanAm US Grundinvest: Börse ARD zu offenen Immofonds

FAZ-Net zur Commerzbank Kapitalerhöhung

FT-Alphaville: Dreistheit ohne Worte

In the case of Waterfall TALF Opportunity, here’s what we know: The company was founded in June 2009 with $14.87 million of investment capital, money that likely came from Christy Mack and Susan Karches. The two Wall Street wives then used the $220 million they got from the Fed to buy up a bunch of securities, including a large pool of commercial mortgages managed by Credit Suisse, a company [Christy’s husband, former Morgan Stanley CEO] John Mack once headed. Those securities were valued at $253.6 million, though the Fed refuses to explain how it arrived at that estimate.

D.h. also die FED gibt der Frau eines Bank CEOs gut 200 Mio USD damit die zu Schleuderpreisen Toxic Assets aus der Bank Ihres Mannes kaufen darf. Profits gehen zu Gunsten der Lady, Verluste zu Lasten der FED. Prima.

Amazon: Neues Buch von Greenblatt

Crossing-Wallstreet: Microsoft looks cheap

Crossing-Wallstreet: Gedanken zum Equity Risk Premium

Seth Klarman: Shareholder Reports 1994-2001 – Schon spannend zu lesen, wie Klarmann trotz Jahren von Unterperformance durchgehalten hat.

Marc Cuban zu Netflix und Youtube


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