Going forward: More English language posts

As there seems to be more traffic coming from English speaking Websites, I will try to post more in English language.

I will start with a short series on my best Investment ideas next weeks.

Looking forward to receive input and comments on this either in English or German. No mandarin please.

In order to easily access all English language post, one could use the category drop down (“English”) or you could use this Link.


  • Naja, Englisch kam ja auch in den bisherigen Beiträgen schon vor in Form von Anglizismen. *duckundweg*

  • Good idea to simply post some articles in english! Before starting my blog, I thought about the language I should start with some time. There are simply much more potential readers speaking english than german. On the other hand, there are many good english value blogs. There may be enough german readers, who are not familiar enough with english and would enjoy reading a german blog. All articles in both languages would be the best solution, if one had the time to translate all articles. So finally I decided to begin with a german blog…

    May be interesting to hear of your experience with english articles, especially if they are accepted by english readers on a german blog!

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