Total Produce – Capespan show down

Blogger Wexboy has a very interesting post about the Capespan bid war.

In a nutshell, it looks like that the two South African investors Zeder and Bidvest are fighting for control over Capespan, where Total Produce now holds a stake of 20% (Value ~ 15 mn EUR).

Based on a link I have posted in the comments at valuetock inquisition it looks like that Total Produce is actually the “overseas partner” of Zeder investment.

Just a couple of hours ago, Capespan reported that something is happening soon:

Capespan Group Ltd., South Africa’s biggest fruit exporter, said its investors are in undisclosed talks that may cause its share price to move.
“There are ongoing talks among shareholders,” Angelo Peterson, Capespan’s spokesman, said by phone from Cape Town today, declining to provide more details.

So it looks like the final show down will happen now any time.

Personally, I hope that Total Produce will not go for full control of the entity, as this would be quite dilutive for the shareholders. My best case scenario would be that Total Produce sells out with a nice profit and keep its cooperation agreement.


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