Investment philosophy in 10 words

Jason Zweig from the WSJ published a great article here, where he asked Investment “gurus” to sum up theri invesment philosophy in 10 words.

Some of the better ones are in my opinion:

If everybody wants it, I don’t. Avoid crowds.

—Gus Sauter, chief investment officer, the Vanguard Group

Invest for the long term and ignore interim aggravation.

– Charles D. Ellis, director, Greenwich Associates, and author, “Winning the Loser’s Game”

I think this is quite a useful exercise not only for Gurus but also for normal “private” investors. Trying to come up with a 10 word investment philosophy is not easy.

For myself, the best I came up with is the following:

“Try to have fun with investing, then profits will follow”

It would be great to hear if any of the blog readers and fellow bloggers has a 10 (+ or -) word investment philosophy…


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