Weekly links

Value investor Prem Wats (Fairfax) under fire for a murky deal in the past

Now it is official: Sino Forest was a fraud. Many interesting details provided.

csinvesting on a classic “pump and dump” scheme, Sun Peaks Ventures. Includes a good explanation how those schemes work in general.

Nate at Oddball on French (deep) value stock Nexaya

Bronte on shorting Santander US preferreds. However, I think its not only the grandmothers who are insane….

Great Sony sum-of-parts analysis from the Brooklyn investor. Great value blog by the way.


  • MMI are you worried about Greece leaving the Euro at all? And how do you manage such a risk?

    • Hi Andrew,

      I try to manage risk by keeping at least 10% cash and a relatively high percentage of uncorrelated special situations. Personally, I doubt thta the “Grexit” wil lbe a significant event. This is already front page news and should be no surprise to the market. I am more worried about other issues, i.e. China and BRICs.


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