Some links

Very interesting post from Prof Damodaran on the differences between (value-)investing and trading

Bloomberg story about Eike Batista, the guy who lost ~ 35 bn USD in one year

Nate from Oddball muses about patience, simplicity and retail stocks

Good post about the implosion of Albermarle, the UK pawnbroker

Plus 2 interesting blogs I discovered just recently, both highly recommended:

Valuevista from the UK
AlphaVulture , a poker player and value investor

Finally, an interesting small cap “pump and dump” from Warren Buffet himself in 2000 (via Alphavulture comment section):
– Buffet buys privately a company called Bell Industries in Dec 1999
– in Jan 2000 he sells it after it has jumped 80% because of the disclosure
– in November 2000, he then bought again after the stock collapsed


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