Some links

10 interesting stocks for 2014 from moatology (I don’t know a single one of them….)

Frenzel & Herzing with the second part of their STo AG valuation

A nice “best book” list for 2013 from Farnam Street

Very interesting story about th movie “A wonderful life” and the guy behind the Bankers anonymous blog

Value Investing France with a (too) short summary of 2013

Jim Chanos, last bear standing, thinks it is a good time to raise fresh money for his short fund.

Finally, the free Winter issue of Grant’s interest rate observer (via Canadian Value)


  • Hello
    I have a suggestion for the topic “missed opportunity. Unfortunately it was also a missed opportunity for me…. 😦
    You always like Spin-Offs, and what was the BEST performing stock of the Swiss stock market was a ……. Spin-Off
    Autoneum rised more than 200%!
    But I have to admit that it is a cyclical stock

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