Some links

The Graham Holding deal – another example why only Warren BuffetT can invest like Warren BuffetT.

The Emerging Market slowdown hits many “rich world” companies

HIGHLY RECOMENDED: I never knew that John Hempton from Bronte is actually publishing monthly letters and performance (Hat tip to Al Sting). Read all of them, for instance September 2013 on why they are short Swedish quality companies or how they got squeezed out from a crowded short.

The Aleph blog has a great series on how Berkshire Hathaway is actually structured. Part 2 with the somehow dodgy trust structure has been extremely interesting.

Wexboy on how to come up with investment ideas (Spoiler: read a lot and then some more…)

Finally, the always great Brooklyn investor with a nice analysis of DirecTV, the largest “non-BuffetT” position at Berkshire.


  • Thanks again for the great links selection!

    The “interesting articles” section of Bronte Capital is also worth a deeper reading, but less easy to digest:

    By reading the economist-article intuitivly thought on your Ashmore-Investment. 😉
    I also sthought if that effect could work for an undocking of the expensive, strongly export orientated German stock marked from the expensive, but much less export oriented American stock marked. Sadly not redounded to Germany favour.

    The main genius I see in the Graham-Buffet-Deal is using a huge tax loop hole that IMHO should be closed as soon as possible. But never underestimate the power of the finance lobby anywhere…

  • Just want to thank you. Both for your very good links and your interesting original posts. Don’t ever stop 🙂

  • Hi Just to say thanks I greatly value your emails Greetings frm Brussels Tanguy van de Werve

    Envoyé de mon iPad

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