Some links

Always a good read: Rob Vinall’s (RV Capital) annual letter featuring US based Credit Acceptance Corp. as major new investment

Don’t miss the new issue of Graham and Doddsville featuring among others Bill Ackman and Corsair Capital

Very good (long form) post on the future of television networks vs. Netflix, Amazon & Co

GMO’s Q4 letter contains an intersting part on oil, fracking etc. from Jeremy Grantham. He references this NYT article on oil by Daniel Yergin which is also a good read.

Some (Australian) perspectice on iron ore and China

AlphaVulture has a very unique perspective on Amaya, the new online poker power house. It could actually be a rather interesting short opportunity.

WertArt has discovered closed end Italian Real estate funds. Something to look at more closely…..


  • Callaghan, Damon

    Always a great source –thanks

  • Vielen Dank für den Link zu GMOs Quartalsbrief!
    Noch spannender als die Betrachtungen zu Öl finde ich dabei jene zur negativen Korrelation von Wirtschaftswachtum und Börsenwachstum (wenn auch nicht ganz neu) sowie zum Einfluss der Überraschungen im GDP-Wachstum auf die Börsen.

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