• I was thinking to buy Installux shares, although I read that construction market in France is facing problems.
    Can you give me your opinion about waht do you think to be the future Installux earnings/cash flows.

    • Hiun,
      sorry I can’t predict the future. As it is quite common knowledge that there are problems everywhere in France, the question should rather be: What future earnings are implied in the current stock price (ex cash) ? And then the second question is: Do I have a different opinion on that ?

  • Hello,
    I saw that you have Installux shares and I was thinking to invest on it,
    although I read that construction sector France isn’t in good shape right now.
    Do you think Installux earnings will decrease considering the declining in the construction sector?
    Can you give an opinion about this?
    Thank you in advance for your opinion.


  • looking forward for you to come back!!

  • Have a good one!

  • Enjoy it! We will be waiting here…

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