Some links

A bad week for Globo: Bond issuance cancelled, detailed short thesis published (“Greek Parmalat), shares suspended

MUST WATCH: Wiliam Thorndike (“The Outsiders”) gives a “Google Talk” (Note to myself: Check Colfax, Arch Re, Crown Castle)

Damodaran looks at the Beer-Mega-Merger. A very good template for how to look at mergers / M&A.

Interesting look at “FitBits”, a potential “Watch killer”

Einhorn’s Greenlight Q3 2015 comment (Defends SUNE, bought Michael Kors, sold Citizen)

Why driverless Uber cars might not be the individual car killers generally thought

John Hempton (Bronte) scores big against Valeant plus of course the Citron Report on Valeant

8 reasons why no one cares for earnings anymore these day…

Finally Ben from WertArt on Rolls Royce and “investor hearding”


  • Danke für den link mit dem Interview “The outsiders”.
    Auf die Frage wen er als aktuelle Outsider bezeichnen würde, nennt er auch auch den CEO von Valeant “but in the early stage”.
    Mal schauen was die Tage so rauskommt, ob er tatsächlich ein Outsider ist, oder nicht.

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