Some links

Rocket Internet’s startup factory is really struggling

The mad world of the bottled water business

Good Bloomberg post on UK star asset manager Neil Woodford

Interesting post from Farnam Street on Jared Diamond and “how to get rich” 

Clayton Christensen’s “Talk at Google” on growth and how to sustain success

There will be more mergers in the Asset Management industry


  • I like the article on Rocket. They appear to have grown too big to manage their startups the way they did in the past.

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  • The bottled water-piece is really interesting. Here in Germany I often don’t understand, why people buy ‘non-sparkling’ bottled water. Sparkling water – OK. But non-sparkling tastes just like the one I can get for almost free. In many other countries (e.g. Italy and the USA) I didn’t bother to buy it, because the ‘normal’ water smelled and tasted like a swimming pool. But here I just don’t get it.

    The Samwer-article is also good. I think many people would like to see him and his brothers fail big time.

  • Christensen’s talk is excellent. Not only interesting from an educational point of view but also a great content about life experience.
    Where did you get it from if I may ask?
    Take care,

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