• I like the article on Rocket. They appear to have grown too big to manage their startups the way they did in the past.

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  • The bottled water-piece is really interesting. Here in Germany I often don’t understand, why people buy ‘non-sparkling’ bottled water. Sparkling water – OK. But non-sparkling tastes just like the one I can get for almost free. In many other countries (e.g. Italy and the USA) I didn’t bother to buy it, because the ‘normal’ water smelled and tasted like a swimming pool. But here I just don’t get it.

    The Samwer-article is also good. I think many people would like to see him and his brothers fail big time.

  • Christensen’s talk is excellent. Not only interesting from an educational point of view but also a great content about life experience.
    Where did you get it from if I may ask?
    Take care,

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