Some links

Mexican Hotel stocks as a contrarian opportunity ?

The complete guide to Dr. Michael J. Burry’s investment style (“Big Short”)

The case for Emerging Markets equities 

Some interesting forensic details how Autonomy “massaged” its revenues prior to the HP takeover (beware of Software resellers…..)

Old School Value on Ben Graham, the “Father of Special Situation investments”

Some evidence that profit sharing does improve loyalty and productivity of employees

Finally a collection of pitches from the Sohn London conference

One comment

  • Regarding the article about the Autonomy-fraud that HP paid a lot for:
    Any article about starting with “This could happen to any company” has immediately lost my trust.
    This opener sound like “Oh, Autonomy were such clever scumbags that there was no fault HP didnt early detect the fraud.

    BUT: John Hempton from Bronte Capital is just a single person, living in australia, and he early detected the Autonomy fraud by checking their published accounts:
    By armchair analyzing.

    HP had a lot of time and capacities to do research about Autonomy. They were in a game of billions.
    They had more sources for information about Autonomy that Hempton. They totally failed.

    It could not happen to any company but to HP.
    No excuse.

    Ciesielski should have researched how Hempton detected the fraud , not argue why it could not have been detected.

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