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  • From the Richard Buxton article:
    “He has just emerged from a period of underperformance, and his current returns look more upbeat again.”
    I had to think of your Mr. Cool VS Mr. Crap Post. He seems to have a real long term orientation also.

    ‘We think that you’ll actually make good money out of financials, out of UK bank shares,’ says Buxton, who has put money into both Barclays and Lloyds. ‘We do think it’s a very unloved area. People are very reluctant to back bank stocks. So we think that’s an attractive area.’
    Had to think again of your blog.

    Interesting name droping from him:
    Buxton likes the efforts at self-help and improvement shown by betting chain Ladbrokes, which merged with Coral in the autumn.
    ‘I think you could make quite a lot more over the next two years.’

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