Some links

Market folly has a great collection of pitches from the London Value Investor conference

A good summary why most investors these days hate banks

Wexboy with a very nice write-up on a company called Applegreen

The unstoppable rise of the QR code in China

Interesting thoughts about the carnage in retail stocks and a follow-up post

Wow, my blog has been included in the “50 Of The Best Investing Blogs On The Planet”




  • Different Story, same direction: Wexboy likes Irish Appelgreen (just acquiring in the USA) see link in above post — Forager likes Murphy USA. Both fuel selling and more.
    See page 7:

    Click to access Forager-Funds-June-2017-Quarterly-Report.pdf

  • globalstockpicking


  • How does it takes them that long to realizse your quality? 😉
    By the way, I really like Top-50 lists with 68 items.

    Its remarkable that two interesting analysis you linked discuss retail chains: Wexboy abut an irish gas station operator and period capitalist about US retailer.

    Sounds like this industry may get interesting for value investors.
    But as you like to say that there is (nearly) no succesful turn around for retailers: How much do we see a final breath before death, perhaps including a final puff of grahams cigarette, and how much we see healty businesses falsy drawn as closetodeath?
    And how to find the difference?
    Or alternativly what du we need to find profitable final puffs?

  • Congratulations from me as well!

  • Top 50? You’re top 5 easily!

  • That’s for a reason. Keep up your good work!

  • Glückwunsch MMI !!!

  • Congratulations,fully deserved!

  • Congratulations for making it on the Top 50 investing blog list, it’s well deserved! And thanks for the constant stream of high quality posts, it certainly helped me get better as an investor!

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