• The story about Andrew Left leaves out some important parts. He started his venture with the website stocklemon.com, Most of the stocks he mentioned there traded OTC bulletin board or pink sheets. Most of them were pump and dump. However as an individual trader or investor it is next to impossible to bowrrow such stocks, which is necessary to sell them short. To make money selling boiler room stocks short, you need to have some money to put up the margin, if you are able to borow them at all. It might be possible that stock lemon or citron research is simply paid for its publication its articles and Andrew does not have any position in the stocks he writes about.

    Thanks for posting so many high quality articles.

    • Thanks for the info. The stuff that i read from left didn’t sound that he was paid for in my opinion. Chanos is clearly the better shoet selling, but publicly doing short selling is not easy and therefore i do have some respect for him.

  • in my view a very insightful article re whole foods buy and amazon strategy…
    h/t farnamstreet…

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