Some links

Good post from 25iq on how to value subscription based businesses

Don’t miss: Barry Ritholtz interviews Ed Thorp

By coincidence I also found this interview with Ed Thorp’s initial partner Jay Regan

Some thoughts on Mining stocks from Forager

What’s next for the Asset Management industry ?

Patience is a potentially big competitive advantage for investors

Vomiting (among others) is  a big problem for Robo taxis

One comment

  • Hey,
    I want to thank you for sharing all those interesting links (and of course your excellent analysis of stocks). Especially this one about value of subscription models really changed my view about how to value recurring value. Also how accounting can be hiding the reality quite a lot, as some companies have their complete book value in goodwill while others have high-value customer relationsships that don’t show up at all. At the moment I am looking at fleet telematics, quite an interesting area when valued this way…

    So thanks for sharing and writing all your posts!

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