Some links

Prof. Damodaran is trying to value Spotify ahead of its “IPO”

A look into DE Shaw, one of the earliest and most successful Quant Hedge Funds

Must watch: Crypto currencies explained by John Oliver

Wyndham Worldwide looks like a potentially interesting Spin-off situation

US Company audit reports might be soon much more interesting to read 

Japanese Game companies could be worth a look

Forager Funds on why Dividends should be taxed higher in Australia



    A question to ther community for a change: has anyone tried the likes of eToro?

  • David Shaw is indeed a fascinating character – indeed he got bored of making money and has spent the last decade or so trying to build a computer to simulate protein folding – which if you ever fancy an afternoon’s reading is one of the most fascinating topics I’ve ever come across. Essentially if you can do it you will transform all medicine and genetics. But after 200 or so PhDs and all the money in the world and a decade of time, his computer takes 6 months to simulate a tiny protein for just 2ms…..

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