Some links

The Brooklyn Investor with an update on JPM (and other stuff)

Muddy Waters has found a new short target with TAL Education

Real Estate so far have not been disrupted. But that may change.

Hedge Fund’s best ideas usually are the stocks they want to sell

Tim Cook interview by David Rubinstein

Amazon might enter the Home Insurance space pretty soon

A fascinating peek into world of “Crypto Influencers”


  • Article on Amazon Insurance perspectives. They quote $1000+ avg monthly cost for home insurance in many US states. That’s bollocks (‘nonsense’ if you will). Commonsense (or online checks for those out of the business) immediately tells you that $1000+ are YEARLY rates… Such Low-cost/Low-quality journalism deserves no single minute of our time (at least of mine… ;-P, … I call this yellow financial press!).

    • Btw, I recently contested Lionel Barber @FT on some misconstruded statistics and manipulated facts in their articles. So far I only got Silence. … Let’s acknowledge it: FT’s post-truth standards are alarming.

    • Well, first of all, despite that mistake, it is still relatively likely that Amazon will enter this business.

      If you use for instance this calculator, you can see that a 500k home in Florida costs around 1500 PER MONTH to insure.

      Se before calling somthing “boillocks” I would advise to do some research yourself.

      • Thank you for taking the least representative case… ­čśë

        Florida is the most exposed area to natcats, and it would be great that the average american lives in 500k properties!

        PS. I actually had checked data for Texas which is quite above average for natcats too… ( Insurance in the $1000 range is realistically more of an annual rate accross US rather than a monthly one…

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