Some links

Madison Square Garden (MSG) looks like a very interesting Spin-off situation

OTC Adventure blog has a few stock ideas around the world

A great report on a crazy 4 day “Crypto Cruise”

John Huber thinks Facebook is undervalued

Part 2 of a dental industry series from the GlobalStockpicking blog

Ben Thompson on aggregators and jobs to be done

A cool list of 52 things learned in 2018



  • For the OTC ideas one is Marseille’s Tunnel… As per it management, the firm expects 30% less traffic as a result of an alternative route to the tunnel. It would be interesting to know the valuations if traffic drops 30, 45 and 60% to make a reasonable decision. Will try to make that calc …

  • They all look quite cheap. Although the underperformance of French small caps started much earlier in the year…

  • Alter Verwalter, Deine “Franzosen” haben ja dank der Gelb-Westen ordentlich eins auf die Mütze bekommen. Installux, G. Perrier, Dom/SFPI, TFF, Thermador… wo siehst Du denn am ehesten Bedarf mal die Hand aufzuhalten?

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