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Recommended: TGV Partners 2018 letter to shareholders and TGV Truffle 2018 letter to investors

Ben Evan’s doesn’t think that 5G networks will be a revolutionary new technology

Is Computime really a “high quality Net-Net” stock ?

Good write up on Edgewell Personal Care which looks like a cheap defensive consumer stock

An interesting portrait of Masa Son from Softbank as the “Most powerful man in Silicon Valley”

An excerpt of the 2018 letter to investors from Rangeley Capital

You think your personal data is worth a lot ? Maybe think twice….




  • With regard to “Unicorns” the answer is clearly yes. With regard to overall impact I would say no.

    There are clearly guys that have overall more influence such as Peter Thiel etc.

  • Thanks for the weekly suggestions…
    I am surprised to see DAX 2018 performance so down… – 18%!… Surely opportunities were created…

  • Also on MasaSon: …The writer says MasaSon invested 100’s of billions in AI… I guess the writer ignores Son’s fortune (25b$)… But writing whatever, even nonsense, in the web goes for free. Important is impressing the reader.

  • Great links! Thanks
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  • Since you gained considerable insight into the world of venture investing, would you agree that Masa Son is the most powerful man in that area?

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