Some links

An interesting collection of investment ideas are “SumZero’s top stocks for 2019”

Seth Klarman these days is concerned about capitalism as such

It’s maybe a good idea to stay away from industries where everyone seems to be a winner

The Bank of the bAnks (BIS) surprisingly doesn’t think that Proof-ofWork Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin will work in the long run.

Elliott has released a plan how to make EBAY “great again”….

Forager likes Fast Fashion Retailer Glasson

A great collection of Q4 2018 fund letters 


  • Fundsmith sees no longeer potential to consumer stapples that cemented his track-performance for so long. P&G, Nestle, and a couple more left the portfolio and now it’s Colgate’s turn… I just can say it’s great to stick to your values, and to appropiatly move of your comfort zone when needed !

  • Thank you for the links!

    On the ‚everyone’s a winner‘ article by Bruce Packard,any thoughts of a sector where you think this is happening now?

    I have noticed that most of the payment processing companies are trading at lofty valuations,to be fair there is a lot of growth in this sector but just wondering how long can this continue with great margins as there seems to be a lot of new companies coming in to share the space.

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