Some links

A nice take down on Taleb’s book “Antifragile”

Your brain on stocks looks like a very interesting new blog

Amazon’s secret weapon ? 150 Phd economists…..

Is “Wish” the next Amazon ?

YetAnotherValueBlog thinks KKR is too cheap

Zillow watch ou, Facebook seems to aim for the real estate market

Why (cheap) low growth stocks can be actually quite risky




One comment

  • The business model of “Wish” is shipping sh*te from China, using the cross subsidies the Chinese Post gets until now (within the WTO, the developed countries post offices subsidies the emerging markets ones, hence all the free delivery from China you can get. The Deutsche Post pays for it). Donald Trump wants to make it stop so soon Wish and all those Chinese sellers on Ebay will have a massive dent to their business models.

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