Some links

Interesting anual report from the “Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust” which, despite its name is a successful tech/growth fund (from page 11, h/t Monevator)

A wide ranging update from yetanothervalueblog

Blackrock is creating a “forever” PE fund

The number of job postings seems to be a short term leading indicator for the performance of Tech IPO stocks

A great collection of spin-off related links

Farnam Street blog on Jeff Bezos




  • Interesting Note from the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust report: (Thank you for sharing btw, never heard of them)

    “Complex systems are transforming our world and driving a process of accelerating change with big implications for investors. Companies that have relied on established market structures to extract high prices from their customers (for example broadcasters, consumer goods or oil companies) are likely to face great challenges. Those that earn their revenues by facilitating connections and taking a share of the value they create for their customers are in a much stronger position.

    In a networked world, having the closest and fastest connections is valuable. This creates a self-reinforcing drive towards ever greater speed.”

    Are you considering investing directly in them or are they just a source of ideas for you?

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