Some links

The ProfitHunting blog with a nice series on Disney – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Larry Swedroe thinks that even 10 years are too short to judge active investment managers

Some deep thoughts on E-Sports and value creation

How an oil ETF become the driving force of the recent oil price crash

The case for (Quality) Small Cap Value stocks

Must Read: Paul Singer’s (pesimistic) letter to investors 

Jeff Bezos letter to Amazon shareholders


  • Enrico Palazzo

    I infer from Paul Singer’s letter that he is definitely long gold. Maybe the right choice, considering his view of the current state of the world… Or maybe he had just a bad day?

  • Loved the letter from Paul Singer – 1000 tx for sharing and recommending it as must read

  • GNP-GlobalNosePicking

    Thanks for sharing !

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