Some links

Warren Buffett has finally found his master in this …….daytrader who likes to pump (and dump) nano caps

Bill Ackman want to join the SPAC party (again)

OTC Adventures on LICT Corporation

YetAnotherValueBlog with an interesting deep dive into conflicts of interest at OneSpaWorld (OSW)

TikTok is not going away away time soon.

Good thoughts on the relationship of recurring revenues and potential moats

Fred WIlson on Covid-19 driven behaviour changes


  • adaugustaperangusta

    Hallo! You completely missed the ENDOR AG opportunity. Listed in Munich, you wrote in your last all german share review that it was just maybe a i-racing pureplay fad. But since then, helped by the massively positive Covid19 impact on , the sales have x5 from January which was up 60% Year on Year….And the share price more than doubled, and the business is bound to be doing very well in the medium term- new consoles, growing popularity of Iracing…that it still look far too cheap. I think you should study that one properly!

    • Yes, I have missed out on a lot of well perfoming investments over the last 30 years and Endor will not be the last. I tell you a secret: The first time I looked at Endor, the stock price was in the low single digits !! But that’s life. And the next bus will come for sure.

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