Some links

Fellow blogger Wexboy with his 6M portfolio review

Overstock looks like a good candidate to short

Must read: The LT3000 blog on structural market inefficiencies (and Hongkong Land)

The unbelievablee Government assisted “pump” of the Kodak share 

Unlike other multinational chains, Starbucks is really struggling through the pandemic

Nice write up on Vertiv from GreenWood

“Next generation Buffett wannabe”Sardar Biglari has seen better times



  • Hallo mmi, as a fan of special situation deal you may be intersected in the TECKWAH INDUSTRIAL purchase offer. The shares trade at 0.64 to 0.65 SGD and the offer is 0.65 SGD + 0.05 SGD interims dividend. What do you think about the deal?

  • GNP-GlobalNosePicking

    Value-DACH has been publishing a series of interesting videos.

    For example: the 40% rule, had heart it, but never explored it much. A few of my investments get it. I should try a larger part go that direction…

  • Yes. Please send us your money !!!

  • And today the biggest rat of all spaniards runs away !

    • And the rat escaped with full collaboration of the Government and PM Sánchez. This would have ousted any democratic government… Compared to the Spanish Regime, the Camorra are just beginners. (and Brussels looks elsewhere, while insisting all europeans should pay the bills of madrid’s mafia).

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