Some links

The Brooklyn Investor on Howard Marks, RenTech, Bubbles and other stuff

First year review of “Junto” (h/t searching4value)

Ghost kitchens meet celebrities: Innovation in the Restaurant sector

How Solar Power is “eating the energy world”

Great advice: Just buy stocks that go up and sell when it stops going up

Cathie Wood’s “Agressive growth” fund company Ark Investment is doing great

And some annual letters to investors:
TGV Partners
TGV Rubicon
TGV Truffle
Giverny Capital
Massif Capital


  • I am a bit behind with reading. But with one week gone still interesting stuff. I really liked the study about solar power. Imo this brings confidence , that a climate change is possible with keeping up our economic system.

  • I wrote up a thought experiment (on my humble blog) testing out a strategy that just maybe what Rentec type firms use to generate such lofty results. For anyone interested. Cheers!

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