Some links

Interesting article on the current music rights catalog “gold rush” (Hypgnosis)

Rob Vinall with some deep reflections on “Compounders”

A comprehensive list of Q4 fund letters is to be found in this quiet corner of Reddit.

Good write-up on Polish game developer CD Project

Cullen Roche on short selling and Citron Research is going “long only”

A very interesting introduction into the “Micro PE market”

A great reminder: Check up on cognitive biases on a regular basis !!

One comment

  • Awesome set of links as usual! In my humble opinion value investing is much easier than short selling! I’ve documented many short stock screens and the best results are in the names that have horrible financials (near death) but tremendous volatility (as we’ve seen). Curiously though, there many bulge bracket funds who target companies that seem to be doing well (larger caps often growing topline at expense of bottom line) and this is a less risky shorting approach (I’ve summarized in a post called the “Lonely Shorting Strategy”). I point this out because not all who short, are shorting the dregs.

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