Some Links

Prof. Damodaran on “Price – Value feedback loops”

Valuesque with an interesting  deep dive on SNP’s order book and POC accounting (IFRS 15)

Telescope Investing with a 2021 “Disruptive portfolio”

Stratechery on Jeff Bezos stepping down and  Amazon

An interesting “reverse engineering” of a Charlie Munger “Deep Value” investment from 2001 (h/t to reader SG) 

Great post from Josh Brown how actually David can beat Goliath in the stock market  (Spoiler: not via wsb)

Mathew Ball on how Apple these days is acting as a typical monopolist and inhibiting progress




  • The piece on David vs. Goliath was interesting and I agreed with quite a few points made by the ‘Reformed Broker’. I do think though one of the biggest hurdles for “Davids” is the access to curated/good investment data for the little guy (although that is changing now that we have more open source data choices). My pet project is to add as many backtests as time allows for anyone who is curious about value/growth/short/selling/quality and other strategies so they can see the data (rather than blindly jump into a strategy!)

  • Hello,
    I share the link to RGA Q4 letter with a good analysis of Naked Wines.
    I do this connected with the hope I can contribute some value to the blog and the readers from which I have profited so much over the years.

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