Some Links

A very good analysis why once famous Value investor Bruce Berkovitz has been struggling for the last 10+ years

SmallCapsEurope with a very detailed write-up of French Software Microcap ITESOFT

Recommended: Paul Graham essay  (Founder of Y Combinator) on his own (crazy)  life (so far)

Global Stock Picking blog with a portfolio update

Ben Evans on the State of “Tech”

How Worm Capital went from Turn-around investor to Tech Highflyer Hedge Fund

Undervalued Shares has included my humble Blog in its “blogs to watch” series

And as a special service: The All German Shares – The Complete Series as a single pdf file



  • Hi mmi, have been following your blog for a while! I was wondering – do you have any experience with UndervaluedShares (and the quality of their write-ups)? Have been pondering for a bit whether the the annual membership would be worthwhile; but reviews are very scarce (read: non-existent). Cheers!

    • jcclnl,

      I think this is something you have to decide on yourself. Maybe you just send them an Email and maybe they can give you a sneak preview or so? Asking never hurts and it is free…


  • Wow, vielen Dank für das megadicke All-Share-File!

  • Frage eines langlährigen Lesers (noch seit ihr auf deutsch geschrieben habt).
    wo gibt es dieses PDF?

  • Danke schön für dein zusammenfassendes PDF zu den deutschen Aktien. Bevor ich mich mit einer Aktie beschäftige schau ich gerne nach was du zu dieser meinst, das PDF erleichtert dies enorm.

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