Some links

Felix Salmon tries to explain what is going on in today’s YOLO market

Beeples “NFT” sold for 69 mn USD, Jack Dorsey’s first Tweet is “only” worth 2.5 mn USD

A deep look into Coinbase pre IPO

John Hempton tries to answer the question who is holding the bag in the Greensill debacle (part 1 , part 2) besides the German Taxpayers 

Bessemer Venture’s State-of-the-cloud 2021

Ben Thompson with a deep dive into Roblox

AerCap is acquiring GE’s airplane leasing business


  • Great blog! I noticed your investment in the MEDIQON GROUP AG but was not able to find a “write-up” of your investment thesis. They will publish their annual accounts on the 24th of May. Are you planning to write something about them in the future?

  • The Coinbase IPO should be interesting, I recall they also mentioned ahead of the IPO that the unmasking of the Bitcoin’s founder could be a potential risk, this was a very curious comment. My initial reaction was it seems Coinbase must know this person and my second was why all the secrecy? After all we are not talking about high frequency hedge funds or funds like that (:

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