Some links

The Brooklyn Investor with some interesting aspects from the Berkie AGM

Farnam Street explains why we all need some slack

The “Gig Economy” in the US may end soon

A great explanation what kind of business Investment Banking actually is (Credit Suisse)

The Irish Banking sector has consolidated to only two remaining players

Long read feature on Cal Newport and Digital Minimalism

The Carbon Credit market seems to be in need of an overhaul



  • Equity Investor

    No comments onthe exciting new bucket / article “energy” possible? 🙂
    Only side-information but when I read your energy article it reminded me of an old Charly Munger quote from the Berkshire annual meeting in 2011: If they had to define a sector, where they can achieve their results of the past, it should be “tech” or “energy”. But it requires enormous knowledge, you have to be the most-educated guy in the world for your sector to get an advantage…As Warren and Charly “don’t have this circle of competence”, they would have to build someone up:

    (….And now we have the annual shareholder meeting 10 years later and gosh, who did they present (even via “accident”) as Buffet succesor.)

    Looking forward to each of your energy posts!

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