Some links & “3000”

A few days ago, the number of subscribers passed the 3000 mark. I feel extremely proud and also humbled that 3000 persons across the globe read my stuff on a regular basis despite all the typos and bad grammar. Thank you very much, this is really a great motivation to keep going !!!

Sprucepoint Capital has released a short report on

Great deck from Altafox about its activist campaign for/against Hasbro

Asiancenturystocks has a very comprehensive overview on Asian stock markets

Deep insights into Amazon’s ad business (these ads by the way annoy me big time as “power user”)

A good reminder from Ben Inker (GMO) on what mistakes to avoid in this market

Nice write-up on my former portfolio investment Installux

Ben Evans summarizes 10 big questions for the Tech sector in 2022 (and beyond)


  • Gabriele_Kaufrausch

    Thanks for the links. I must confess i have slowly started building a position in over the last months (not slowly enough, apparently). The customer count issue scares me most. Bad company culture and extreme top-down management is an issue at many (if not most) large US companies.
    Overall a very good report and valid objections.
    I’ll keep buying but will be pushing my next steps further out into the future.

    The overview over the Asian stock markets is great too. When you look at the listed companies in the most attractive and growing countries though, it’s mostly financials. Which scares me away ­čÖé

    • Sounds like a good strategy to buy more or an awful company where you agree with all the negative points.

      Sure, this will be successful way to get seperated from your money. Keep on going.

  • 3000 subscribers of what? I subscribed to your RSS feed instead of notifications by mail. Do you count those as well?

  • Humbled, not humiliated. ­čśë

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